If you are planning to transfere your business online, or even will start your business on the internet from scratch, the first thing you will face is: where you will host your websites? and if you are new to this area (web hosting), you will find yourself a bit confused about many webhosting terminology, so it'll be very important to you to understand these terms before you take your decision.

Here, I will mention to the most important factors you must take in consideration:

1. Bandwidth: (data transfer) is measured in gigabytes. A gigabyte is one billion bytes. Each letter is one byte. Images can take up a big amount of kilobytes (thousands of bytes), and file downloads can be several megabytes (millions of bytes) in size. You must logically think of how much bandwidth your website will need. Unless your website has a lot of downloads, it will be unlikely that you will need many gigabytes of transfer - 10 gigabytes should be very enough. Any more, and you will just be paying extra for something to use.

On that note though, you should be careful and make sure you always have some extra bandwidth - many hosting providers charge $3.00 and more for every extra gigabyte of bandwidth you use. That can add up very quickly

2. # Of hosted domains allowed:

One of the most important factors which must be taken into account when choosing your hosting provider is the number of websites that allow you to host on a single account, some hosting companies allow only for one domain per account, some other companies will allow you to host an unlimited websites per one account, meanning several aebsites at the expense of one.

If you are serious about your business on the Internet then you must be aware of the fact that you will sooner or later will need to launch more websites to expand your business to high levels. Therefore it is important to take this point into consideration where you will remove the burden of purchasing additional webhosting accounts to host the new websites in the future.

3. Control Panel: Before you buy a web hosting plan, ask the hosting company show you a demo for the control panel from which you will administrate your hosting account.

Control panel is the place where you can check your website visitor statistics, add or erase email accounts, host additional domains on your account, install scripts and make other nominal changes for your website. Control panel should be easy to use with friendly interface and you should take some time to understand what it is all about before purchasing your hosting plan.

By: Hatem Serag – At my website: 20 Web Hosting : Learn how to choose the best hosting company that suits your need. Read about the best hosting deals & Reviews on this page Web Hosting Reviews
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A relationship that has been wounded by a painful break up cannot easily be mended. Breaking up is such a defining decision that on the event that one party will want ex back, the possibility of winning the ex back would be an indefinite feat. However, for those who are deeply motivated to get their ex back, here are five principles that will boost your effort to a more probable reunion.

Patience. This value stands on top of the list. Deciding to win the heart of your ex is a bold step after having closed your unsuccessful relationship. As such, you must be prepared with the new challenges that you'll faced with given this new quest that you will undertake. Unlike pursuing a mate for the first time when you are filled with excitement for what is yet to happen, pursuing your ex lover will definitely be a lot less exciting. You have known the person for quite some time, and have gone through both good and bad experience him/her. If you have to live through those negative experiences again, it will pay to be patient until the storm dies down and the heart is ready to function again. Bill, 24 realized that he loved May, his ex-girlfriend from college. They meet again after two years, and he decided to pursue her again. However, May has just painfully ended a serious relationship that they both know it would take some time before she'll be ready to commit again. In this case, patience is indeed a virtue.

Understanding. Lots of understanding. Getting your ex back means you are now willing to take another shot on a relationship that fell into a mishap. What makes you think it will not be bound for the same fate this time around? Ensuring a more successful 'second courtship' requires a clear head that is capable to understand what went wrong in the first place, and how to avoid such errors in the future. Penny, 23, for instance, wants to get back with her ex-boyfriend, Allan, who has repeatedly cheated on her when they were still together. Although she admits that she is still in love with Allan, she tries to evaluate and understand their relationship before jumping into the reunion boat with him.

Sensitivity. In line with the capacity to understand the flaws, as well as the strengths of the relationship, you must also exhibit sensitivity to the desires of your ex. Even if you are fully certain of your decision to want him/her back into your life, he/she might have different plans which you must also respect. The person might decide that he/she wants more time to enjoy his/her being single, or that he/she strongly feels that your relationship will not work out. Bottom line is that the decision will not only be yours to made. John, 25 decided to win back his ex-girlfriend, Honey, 20. Honey rejects his efforts as she realized that she'd rather focus on her starting career. A sensitive man would give way to the needs of the other event if he sincerely wants his ex back.

And there you have it - patience, understanding and sensitivity. These core principles may sound easy but really, they require work and sincere motivations. Once you have these, you'll not only get your ex back but you'll have a better, more meaningful relationship the second time around.

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As a presenter, it is important to capture and continue to engage the attention of your audience throughout your entire presentation.

A very effective way of doing this is to use stories.

Stories have the power of drawing people into your message.

Think about what people love about watching movies. Movies are simply stories about people, enacted in a powerful way.

In the business world, it is similar. There will always be people behind a fact, statistic or number. Go ahead and tell the story of the people behind the fact, statistic or number.


The above is a story telling structure that we are familiar with since we were young. Even in business presentations, we can still apply this simple structure.

Let’s talk about the Steve Job’s story. In 1976, he co-founded Apple. It developed the Macintosh computer and was very successful. Then one day, Steve was fired from Apple. That turned out to be a big mistake, and subsequently Steve was rehired as the CEO in 1996. Today, Steve has turned Apple into the world ’s most valuable technology company, overtaking Microsoft.

Can you see the basic story structure at work?


Stories revolve around people, whether as problem which the audience would want to know CEOs, customers, suppliers or service staff, taking certain actions or making certain decisions.

People are interested in what other people do, and that is why stories (as well as Facebook and Twitter) are so popular.

When you start with a story, people begin to infer something about you or your company.

Hence plan your stories appropriately, and use them to convey important qualities about you, or the values of your company. This is far more powerful than telling customers about your qualifications or the vision and mission of your company in a direct manner.

You can still tell them about your corporate values--after you have told them a values-in-action type of story that demonstrates how your company walks the talk.

A good story leads the listeners to raise questions they want answered. It usually contains a problem which the audience would want to know how it is resolved.

Appealing to the fundamental human nature of curiosity is what makes stories so appealing. It makes the audience captive to your ideas when told through your stories.


A Prime Minister from ancient China was travelling incognito at the countryside one day. He came across two men fighting. During the fight, one of them was injured. The Prime Minister said nothing and moved on with his followers.

Next, his party came across a water buffalo. It was panting heavily. The Prime Minister got very concerned. He started to talk to the villagers about it.

His followers were very puzzled. They asked him why he was not concerned about an injured man, but got worried about a panting buffalo instead.

The Prime Minister said that the injured man, while a serious matter, was under the jurisdiction of the local magistrate. If he got involved in meting out justice, that would be overriding the authority of the magistrate.

On the other hand, the panting buffalo could mean that there was potentially the risk of a drought. If so, that would have widespread implications for the country, as no one had been placed in charge of drought prevention.

Hence he had to take charge and find out about the problem.

What do you think is the lesson for leaders?

James Leong C. Foo, Distinguished Toastmaster, is a gold medallist in public speaking (LAMDA) and Toastmasters International Humourous Speech Champion (PanSEA). He can be reached at jamesleong@visions1.com.sg or http://www.visions1.com.sg
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