Wooden shutters are the first choice for people seeking to secure their homes and increase the curb appeal. If you have your windows done up with wooden shutters, then read on to know how you can maintain them and make them last really long.

It has been observed that if left unattended, wooden shutters will not last beyond a few years. You have to spend some time preventing them from warping, splitting, and rotting. In other words you have to be proactive and make sure that the curb appeal of your home remains intact. There are a few easy tips to catching the early signs of rot and getting rid of them.

The sun is a major force behind the rotting problems. Exposure to the sun causes the wood to contract and expand, so your shutters may shift and warp. However, the panels in the shutters are constructed with some space for expansion, but de-shaping can still be a possibility. With contraction and expansion, the small cracks and parts of the raw shutter get exposed. In all probability these are not painted, and water will seep in the shutter with these cracks. Thus begins the rotting process!

So, how can you minimize the expansion and contraction due to heat? Well one idea is to paint your shutters in a light shade as they will reflect quite some sunlight. Darker shades like black or mahogany absorb more heat and expand and contract more.

Another thing you can do is to repaint your shutters every few years, especially during the summer months. Go out on a particularly hot day and spot paint any exposed parts. This effort on your part will give wooden shutters a much longer life. In the case rot has set in, then scrape it out immediately, so that it does not spread further. Try filling up the cavities with the best suited putty and allow it to dry in place. In the case of wood splitting, try to hammer it back. Add an extra [censored] to glue the rails and styles together.

With these repairs done, it is time for you to repaint the shutters. Remember to choose a trusted paint that will last long and not only give a brand new look to your shutters, but will also protect it from further damage. Once the painting job is done, you will see a new life coming to your exterior shutters.

For the shutters that you are using inside for decorative purposes, keep them clean, dirt free and in perfect working condition. This means that you need to schedule a weekly clean up routine, where you use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner hose and lightly vacuum your shutters. This will get them rid of dust and debris build-up. Polishing the shutters with wood polish once a month is also advisable. You have to simply spray a dusting cloth with wood polish, and dust the shutters. For the crevices and hard to reach areas, spray the toothbrush lightly with your spray polish and use it to clean those areas. Never even think of using soap and water, this causes the wood to absorb water and rot. Follow this regime, and you will see your wood shutters last for years in glory.

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