Many people have been led to believe that hives cannot be gotten rid of permanently. They think that the way to deal with hives is to use anti-allergen medication when outbreaks occur. That's the lousiest way to go about this condition. There are a couple of reasons why, which we will discuss here. We will also discuss a very simple and effective method to get rid of hives fast. By using that method, not only will all the symptoms of hives disappear, but they will never come back because you will have fixed the underlying cause of hives - not only the surface symptoms.

As you can see on the left, urticaria most commonly affects the body, and rarely the hands and feet. The symptoms of urticaria may range from only mildly uncomfortable to extreme and even dangerous. Regardless of the severity of symptoms, there is only one underlying problem, which causes urticaria.

As you probably know, there are many types of urticaria. Each type was supposedly caused by different things - like foods you are allergic to or different environmental factors. At least that's what we thought. Now we know that's not true - all types of urticaria, regardless of how rare or common they might be, have the same underlying cause which can be easily removed. After the underlying cause is removed, all the symptoms will quickly disappear and urticaria will never bother you again.

How to get rid of hives fast - the simple way

There is in fact a very simple and straightforward process, which anyone who wants can easily apply. This process will simply remove the underlying cause of hives, so that the outbreaks never happen. Before, doctors thought that hives are a type of allergy. That's not true. They seem like an allergy, because they are triggered by certain factors - just like an allergy. But they are not. Anti-allergy medication does work to stop the symptoms, but that doesn't mean that hives are an allergy.

Most anti-allergy drugs work by disabling liquid transfer between the cellular wall and soft tissues. That's why they can usually stop a hives outbreak on it's tracks. However, the underlying problem is still there and you will have to use the medication over and over again in order to relieve your symptoms. For some people, outbreaks happen only once a week or month. For other, the outbreaks occur almost constantly. Having urticaria that is triggered by water for example will make anyone's life difficult.

Are hives harmful or are they just a cosmetic problem?

Hives are not only a cosmetic problem, like some people believe. They are a danger to your health, because they signal an underlying condition. The outbreaks themselves tend to be a health-risk because they can easily leave permanent scars. The outbreaks may cause cortisol levels in the blood to spike, which is bad for almost every organ in your body. Cortisol is also known as the 'stress hormone'. That's why if you have urticaria, you will usually experience vague and nonspecific symptoms like constant tiredness or headaches - even when you are not experiencing outbreaks or any external symptoms.

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