Obtaining grant money can go a long way for you and your local community, your state, or even the entire country. Every single year government agencies at every level are giving grant money to businesses that are best suited to fit the needs of the specific grant. So how do you ensure that you grant writing is being done in a way that will be successful?

The first thing to know about grant writing is that you have to be sure that you are actually a good fit for the grant you go after. Never have the approach of, ‘What do I have to lose,’ because there is plenty at stake. First is your good name and the second is your reputation with the grant committee. Here are some secrets that you can use to help the success of your grant writing:

• See what help is available: Check with your funding agency to see if there is any help that is available for writing your grant. Many funding agencies offer a wide variety of free workshops and can even give you assistance in writing you grant application. This can be of great help because who knows better what the funding agency is looking for than that of the funding agency itself?

• Compare notes: If you want to see what worked in the past try comparing notes with someone who has successfully obtained a grant for projects that are similar to the one you are going after. These people can be found by visiting a number of online forums that discuss grant writing or you can ask the funding agency for the information and you may get lucky that way as well.

• What’s the critical path for your project: The funding agency will want to know from A to Z how you plan on spending the grant money in order to accomplish the task set forth within. You will need to include all the steps and all the costs it will take to accomplish your objective. Leave no stone unturned here and try to come up with a realistic timeline in which your project will go from start-up to completion.

• Make them remember you for all the right reasons: Once you write your grant application and it is being reviewed you want the committee that is reviewing your application to be glad that you applied, not wondering why you did. The easiest way to do is is to be sure that your application is tailored to fit the needs of the grant in which you are applying for. Again, if your company is not a match for a grant, then it is better to leave it alone and keep looking for one that it is a match for. Grants are like people, there are a wide variety of them available and if you look hard enough you are bound to find the right one for you.

Successful grant writing doesn’t have to be an absolute nightmare. There are plenty of recourses and help that are available to assist you so make sure that you take full advantage of any and all help opportunities that you can get. A well written and relevant grant application will go a long way in your goal of obtaining the grant money you desire.

Review professional sample grant proposals to make your grant writing faster, easier, and better.
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