It doesn't matter what your blog's topic is and it doesn't matter how well you write, if you're not getting targeted traffic to your blog, then it's of no use. You need to make sure you are working hard to drive new traffic to your blog on a daily basis if you want it to expand. Leveraging search engine traffic is the best and most effective way to do this. Why not take advantage of the fact that there are millions of people using search engines like Google to find all sorts of information? Everyone knows that search engines adore blogs and you should be using this to your advantage. All you need to do is apply some SEO strategies to your blog posts. It's simply a matter of taking small steps for large results over time. The ideas below will show you how to optimize your posts for the search engines.

As you write your blog posts, try to use a unique approach. There are many people blogging, so you want to show everyone what you have to offer. Vlogging, the latest term for video blogging, is a popular way to connect with your audience and deliver your material. Videos can be a good way to send people information, so you may want to use these in your blog posts, whether you want to become a vlogger or not.

What is the advantage of using videos? They are a way to get ranked for your keywords, because search engines favor videos when it comes to rating your content. In order to create these screen cast videos, you can use a tool like Camtasia or if not that, even Jing is a good free service to create small videos. You can even use your cell phone by recording your own voice into it. Once you get done recording the video use a video distribution service like TubeMogul to submit your videos to popular video sharing sites like YouTube and Viddler.

When you pick the keywords for your blog articles, attempt to use long tail ones. This is because long tail keyword phrases have fewer competitors and can get ranked easily. Also, this makes your post specific and when a visitor comes to your blog, the information is exactly what they are looking for. This would encourage more readers and make new visitors become everyday readers of your blog.

You will have distinctive writing posts because there will be so many little topics that you could possibly write about.

Finally, you can make your blog posts more valuable by using audio in them. If you've done any podcasts on a topic related to your blog post, you can use that, or you can just record a new audio clip. Don't be afraid to try various ideas with audio, as you can apply it in a variety of innovative ways.

All in all, traffic is very essential for any blog, but because you have one, you have a benefit and SEO will not be as difficult for you. Spend some time writing your blog posts by putting in SEO and updating the content on a day to day basis.

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