When a guy goes shopping for a woman for Valentine's Day they usually have no real clue what to get them and how to really surprise them. Sure there is always the flowers or jewelry option, but these are almost expected. You should send flowers for Valentine's, but only if you can send them to her work or to her school because she will want to show them off to her friends and brag about how good you are. However, this is only the start to the best valentine gift that you can get her. Here is what you have to know about the best possible gift this year.

First, you need to use your brain and put some thought behind what she will really love. This needs to be a surprise and not just something that she has picked out and you have gone and bought. This just does not cut it and if you cannot be creative while showing her that you have been paying attention to who she is and what she likes, then you will never get her a gift that she will really love. This does not have to be a practical gift and it does not have to be an expensive gift either. For most women it is not about the price tag, but more about how much effort you put into finding something they would truly love.

Second, when you are looking for the best valentine gift you cannot just go pick up some earrings, a ring, or a necklace. That is simply too easy and you have to put forth more effort than that. You need to know that what you purchase will make her so happy that she will cry a little and will not want to let go of you the rest of the night. Along with the gift you will also need to plan something like a restaurant reservation or a candlelit dinner because the presentation is very important. Also, if you want to make it the best valentine gift you need to shut your cell phone off and everything else you own and make the night all about her.

Last, remember men, this is not about you and Valentine's Day has very little to do with you. It is all about her. You need to give her everything that she does not get on a regular basis and you need to make sure that the night is all about you making her happy and not about you. You will get repaid in ways you cannot even imagine if you are patient and willing to make this one night all about her. The gift itself needs to be a great, personalized gift that is different, unexpected, and creative, but the night needs to be all for her and the gift will be 100 times better simply because you made everything about her.

This is your chance to show her how much you really do love her and how much you want to make sure she knows all about how much you care. If you put all the thought you should into her gift and into the day, then she will truly know how you feel without you even saying a world. The best part is if you use a message in a bottle the message you want to give her will be sealed in a great package and she will know that you took the time to put in some serious thought. This is the only way to go if you really want to impress her.

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