A lot of people seem to think that getting pregnant is a very easy thing to do. And it is..for some that is. We all heard stories about pregnancy marvels, about how a couple who has been trying for years to have a baby suddenly gives up and then boom! she gets pregnant. Or how another couple have been suffering a miscarriage after a miscarriage, only to get a successful pregnancy after they were both emotionally scarred and beaten to a pulp. We could never know when one would get pregnant; it could be in the first try for some or maybe a few years after, and for others, maybe none at all. All we could do is too keep our bodies and minds healthy so that we could create an ideal place for the little one to grow in.

Tip number 1: Discontinue your contraceptives. This is pretty obvious, for if you are still on the pill, or on the patch pr whatever form of contraceptive you are using, you obviously will not pregnant. But do not expect to become pregnant immediately. Each woman’s body responds differently to different stimuli. Your contraceptives act on your body’s hormone production, so for others, discontinuing their contraceptives might result in a sudden influx of hormones that would get them pregnant immediately. For some, it might take a while before you body reverts to its natural pre-contraceptive state, so it might take them longer to conceive.

Tip number 2: Eat and live healthy. A strong and healthy body is the ideal environment for a fetus to grow, therefore a strong and healthy woman is essential to conceiving and nurturing such a fetus. In order to be strong and healthy, one must watch what they eat. Like what our mothers used to say, eat your vegetables, they are good for you. And they are right too. Keeping an ideal body weight is essential to hormone production in your body. It has been proven by numerous research and studies that underweight and overweight women have more difficulty in conceiving than women with normal body weights.

Tip number 3: Take note of the days that you ovulate. Women have fertile and infertile days, and the chances of getting pregnant while trying on to conceive on fertile days are significantly and greatly higher than those on infertile days. It may be quite taxing for a couple to put their intimate time on schedule, but if the couple is determined to have a baby together, no schedule would ruin their relationship. You could note your ovulation periods by taking note of your basal body temperature for it will be slightly increased when you are ovulating than on normal days. Also, having great understanding of your menstrual period will aid you greatly in your quest to have a baby.

There are many other tips and tricks out there that you could use, but these are the top three most popular and most effective. If you are still not pregnant after you have followed all those tips, calm down, it may take a while longer for you than it did for others. The main thing to remember here is that you have to be both physically and mentally healthy and all good things of pregnancy marvels will come in their own good time. And that is why they are called pregnancy marvels for we can never really fully understand them.

Jane sure loves Pregnancy Marvels. She is also a mother and knows a thing or two about pregnancy. She also gives out advice on Getting Pregnant After 40.
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