Getting a great mortgage loan requires a few key components. First, all good mortgage loans are going to be built around transparent contracts. The last thing anybody wants is to be hit with a surprise fee long after they think they've already paid off their monthly dues. Secondly, you're looking for a fair rate, as there's little point taking out a mortgage loan just to get deeper and deeper into debt. Finally, you're generally going to be hoping for easy approval.

Unfortunately, it's very hard to find all three of these points going hand in hand. Typically when you get charged a fair rate, it's because you had teh patience to wait for a very long approval period, and if you get both of those in one deal, the contract probably has some fine print that you might misread or skip altogether.

At, though, you get the full package. You get a completely fair, up front and transparent contract so that you know what you're paying and why, down to the penny. You get fair rates so that you don't wind up in over your head, and we offer fast approval so that you can get the money that you need and not have to sit around waiting for background and credit checks to clear before you can take care of your expenses.

It may seem like the kind of thing you'd almost be crazy to expect. Mortgage loans at a fair rate featuring fast approval and transparent contracting and regulation does sound far fetched, but it's exactly what you get at

A prepaid card can be a very hand financial tool. Prepaid cards can be self-limiting, since you can't spend more than you have loaded on the card. This makes them safe in situations where you fear that your card may fall into the wrong hands, situations where you need to lend your card to someone to make a purchase, or situations where you want to shop online without giving out your regular credit card number to vendors you don't entirely trust.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of prepaid cards is speed–since you are pre-loading the card with you own money, there is no need to wait for a credit check or a lengthy approval process. In most cases, you can get your card and start using it almost immediately.

While there are a number of ways you could pick up a prepaid card, such as buying them online from the card company or picking them up from a card kiosk at a store, the quickest and easiest way is to use the prepaid card matching service from CreditNowUSA. Stores and credit card company websites might give you one or two prepaid cards to choose from, but CreditNowUSA allows you to view multiple cards and choose the one that is right for you with guaranteed approval. You get to review each card's fees, expiration and whether or not it is reloadable so that you can choose exactly what you want.

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