Arabica coffee is widely-regarded as the best commercially-produced type of coffee in the world. It is famous for being the first type of coffee used by humankind. Most of the coffee you drink comes from Arabica plants, which are grown all over the world. This plant is most related with Africa and the Middle Eastbound, but is now planted in the coffee-growing regions of the world, as easily. Its beans make one of the most favorite beverages in the world, in all its different incarnations.

The Arabica coffee is grown on plantations from regions as far apart as Brazil and Ethiopia. This plant is a tree, which produces a berry that contains, at its midway, the coffee legume. In Java, plantations are able to harvest at any time of the year due to the conditions. Latin America has many different seasons, and many of the plants in this region are exclusively harvested once a year. There are separate varieties of coffee, such as Robusta. Generally, the Arabica plant is thought to produce the greatest brew. It has some other remaining advantages, as well.

Arabica coffee, depending upon the roast, can have low levels of caffeine. While many coffee drinkers indulge in the beverage specifically for the caffeine, there are a growing number of people trying to cut back on the amount that they consume. Arabica has lower levels of caffeine than the other types of commercially-produced coffee. Remember that lighter roasts generally have more caffeine in them as well, and that these beans are available at all levels of roast, making them good choices for those who need their caffeine intake cut down, but not out.

Arabica coffee is one of the most useful exchange crops in the world. It constitutes a better export of several Latin American and Asian countries. There are also a large number of nations which are dramatically progressive with their exports of either this coffee or Robusta, and the production of the farms that acquire this plant is favored among investors. This plant type is actually native to the people of Yemen, but since that period it has spread all over the world. This plant is a lover of mountain climates, and most plantations are set in areas where there is a rather rocky landscape.

Arabica beans are sometimes referred to as mount beans, because they mostly grow at higher elevations, commonly more than 1,000 feet above sea level. Development at a higher height results in a longer growing season and this allows the beans to achieve a deeper aroma and flavor.

Arabica beans were first cultivated in Ethiopia, but are now grown around the world. This bean flourishes in rich, volcanic mountain soil, making locations such as Columbia, Guatemala and El Salvador ideal spots for coffee production.

Because Arabica beans are considered superior to Robusta beans, the coffee that is served in coffee houses and cafes is generally one hundred percent Arabica. This particular bean produces a smoother, less acidic brew than the Robusta bean, which is why it is far more popular.

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