For you to have work as a nursing aide, popularly known as a CNA, you need to know what it entails. To begin with, you will be under direct supervision of a registered nurse and other top medical staff. Some of the roles you will be playing are related to patient care and they include helping the patients in feeding, dressing, bathing and so on. You should also be able to take some vital sign and give a feedback to the nurse who is supervising you. In addition to that, you should be able to observe the patient’s mental behavior and moods and report to the nurse in charge of you. Since this job is quite sensitive as you are dealing with people’s health, you require a CNA certification in order to be employed by any medical care center, hospitals, and nursing care among many others.

Before you consider going for a CNA certification, you should know it is a demanding career in terms of working and you may be working for as many as 40 hours a week. This is due to the fact that patients need medical care for 24 hours. You will also be expected to work in shifts in most instances and sometimes the shifts can be at night. In addition to that, you will also deal with emptying the bedpans for the patients under your care as well as removing soiled bedding. Finally, you need to protect yourself from infections and potential injuries in the course of doing your job.

For you to obtain the CNA certification, you will be required to undergo a training program which normally lasts for 75 to 100 hours, which will last for 4 to 16 weeks. The exact detail of the certification process varies from one state to another and you should get the exact information from your state’s department of health. A good number of the people who work in this area get their certification while in high school. You could also consider going to technical and some vocational schools as they offer the course. For the best training consider doing the Red Cross program as they have the best facilities and a very vigorous program.

During the CNA certification, some of the common courses which you are likely to study may include anatomy, physiology, communication and interpersonal skills, the rights of patients, control of infection and other basic skills in nursing. These courses will be taken in both classrooms as well as some practical sessions which are also important. You could either take the courses in a nearby training center or online.

Finally, if you successfully finish the course and be awarded with the CNA certification, you can then get hired in any of the institutions mentioned above. The approximate salary you will be earning hourly will be around $11 which is a great deal considering that the training duration is very short. This has a great promise and you cannot go wrong. There is an ever increasing demand in the people to take care of the patients. The salary may also vary depending on the place where you work. As you gain experience you will also better your salary. To many people the certification has been an important stepping stone to greater achievements.

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