Previously within the Lying Game Season 1 Occurrence 14 "Black and Bright and Green All Over", Now stepping back in to her old lifestyle, Sutton's personality shift is actually noticeable among her members of the family. Sutton doesn't want Emma sticking with her, so she moves in to the Mercer family cabin. Ethan wants Emma to hightail it with him, but she is hesitant to leave her sibling behind unprotected. Justin approaches Laurel to be able to apologize, but Laurel is even now questioning everything about your pet. Later, Sutton spills Justin's secret to Ted without Laurel's consent and Ted would go to talk to him, leading to a potential fight that leaves Laurel upset at Justin, Ted, and Sutton. Ethan plans a community breakup with Sutton in order that he could leave along with Emma without su[censored] ion. Mads encourages her father for taking Rebecca as his date towards Black & White Ball and in return, Rebecca tells her for taking a chance with Ryan. Kristin reveals to Laurel that as a consequence of what happened with Justin's new mother, Ted had lost the residency in L. A., which forced them in order to relocate to Phoenix. Sutton shows up with the cabin and tries to have Emma to stay, saying that she'll say to her parents about the woman. Emma isn't easily convinced by Sutton's sudden transform of heart, but chooses to think her, as she has always wanted to be part of a family. At the ball, Justin shows up regarding Laurel, but Kristin tells him off. Sutton tries to receive Ethan's affection in public and it appears as if she might still possess feelings for him. Ethan leaves early for being with Emma for the night time, while Thayer asks Sutton for a dance. It is later revealed that the key reason why Sutton hates Ryan is really because they had a fling back in the ninth grade. Alec tells Ted of which he'll date Rebecca to help keep her from saying anything. Dan shows up to share with Alec that he acquired found Annie Hobbs lurking near the Mercer home; Sutton has been eavesdropping. Justin tells Laurel that they loves her. Sutton goes to receive Emma and walks throughout on Emma and Ethan's make-out period. She tells them that they need to get to Annie before Alec does to ensure Emma could finally see her. When they finally match Annie together, she tells them which she isn't their mother. Her own baby got died at birth and when she heard that a lady was giving up twin babies (Sutton and Emma) in the same hospital, she wanted one of which and ended up acquiring Emma. When the girls bring up Alec's name, Annie insists that they may be in danger. Kristin thinks Ted is actually hiding things from the girl. In the last world, Rebecca appears to wear the same hospital that Annie is being held in.

On this Episode subject "Dead Man Talking", Ethan insists on helping Emma get the answers she's looking for approximately her twin sister. So when a skin image sparks a memory with regards to Sutton, Ethan pursues an reason. But the information proves costly when Ethan heads right into a situation that quickly gets unmanageable. Meanwhile, Mads sneaks off to determine Ryan, and Laurel continues to determine Justin against her parents' needs.

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