What is excess cholesterol?

What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a type of fat called lipid which is used by the body to make new cells. Cholesterol that is needed by your body is produced in liver. Excess cholesterol happens when amount of cholesterol in your body exceeded the amount of cholesterol needed by your body.

Your body needs cholesterol actually, but only a little in amount. So, if you have too much of it, it will start to clog your arteries (atherosclerosis). This is dangerous as it will lead to heart attack or stroke if it blocks blood from flowing to your heart and brain.

How to treat excess cholesterol level?

You have to understand first that the aim in treating excess cholesterol level is to reduce the chances to have a heart attack or stroke. You do not need to worry if you have excess cholesterol in your body because there are many ways of treating excess cholesterol levels such as:

• Reduce consumption of high-fat food

You need to eat less high-fat food especially food which are high in saturated fat. This is because food in saturated fat will increase your blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, you should cut the amount of saturated fat in your everyday life.

Other than that, you also need to know that the major source of saturated fat in the average American diet is from animal products such as cheese, butter and ice cream. You should remember when you reduce the amount of fat taken, you are likely to decrease calories and saturated fat in your diet.

• Lifestyle Changes

If you really want to lower your cholesterol levels, you should start changing your lifestyles. What is meant by lifestyle changes is you should start living healthy life by stop practicing bad habits such as smoking.

This is because middle-aged women and men who smoke tend to have higher risk of suffering heart attack compared to those who are non-smoker. You might also want to avoid or stop drinking alcoholic drinks.

• Weight loss

Frequently, overweight people have higher blood cholesterol levels compared to people of normal or ideal weight. So, in order to reduce your excess you should regularly increase your physical activity and by the same time reducing the amount of fat when you eat.

This will surely decrease your excess cholesterol levels as you will be cutting down the main source of calories.

• Practicing natural products

As usual, this is the best natural way of reducing excess cholesterol in your blood as herbs and other natural products have existed a long time ago, longer than the existence of the standard medicines used today to control high cholesterol levels.

There are many alternatives for treating high cholesterol levels which mainly come from natural products such as B vitamins, fiber, Royal Jelly, soy and Vitamin C. This alternative should work best for people who regulate their cholesterol levels with exercise and diet.

• Medications

Lastly, it is well-known that this is the most regular way taken by anybody who suffers from excess cholesterol. For your information, statin is widely used as medicine to reduce the levels of cholesterol as it is the most effective medicines for lowering cholesterol levels.

Nevertheless, if there are any problems such as side-effects (like muscle pains), Ezetrol (ezetimibe) which is a non-statin medicine can also be used. Besides, there are also treatments that can be very effective if used with more modern treatments such as fibrates.

Quick recap: Best Five Ways to Treating Excess Cholesterol Treatment Levels are: •Reduce consumption of high-fat food. •Start using Cholesterol Supplements & change your living life style. •Weight loss. •Practicing natural products. •Medications.
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