Businesses involve a lot of processes that need to be done efficiently so as to steer the business in the right path in terms of growth. Business management tool assists business owners to switch from CEO to project manager to an accountant without a glitch and keep track of all the running operations.


All users of Mac desktops can acquire Things, a task management application. Things allow users to schedule tasks as well as projects. Also, they can assign people and tags. By merely dragging and dropping text documents, spreadsheet and emails, the application allows users to attach important files to a given task or project. In essence, this application is a personal business management solution that synchronizes well with iPhone and iCal and other users can be added too.

Base camp

This web-based application is one of the most important business management solution for those small scale entrepreneurs. Basecamp records the progress of all internal projects within a business, allocate assignments to contractors, share computer files and keep track of time. It features an API that integrates well with various small scale management tools. After purchase, business owners will have to pay a variable monthly fee depending on the number of projects, the storage capacity and level of safety needed.

Rescue Time

Business owners can employ the use of RescueTime, which monitors the time spent by employees or the employer on particular tasks. Since this application keeps track of time, business owners are able to know particular areas where they waste time on and work towards productivity. RescueTime has several advantages. It is free; users can choose to track specific hours for example working hours in a day and monitors everything in relation to business. In addition, RescueTime boasts of several hacks and widgets that increase its robustness. RescueTime has superior filtering options that allow users to search for specific documents in addition to program usage.


With advancement in the internet world, it is now possible to carry out online invoicing and keep track of all business expenses. A web-based application known as Freshbooks is best suited for this task. Business owners can monitor their contacts, invoices, expenses and time. This application allows business oriented persons to tailor the blueprint of their documents and send them to their contacts looking unique. An important feature of Freshbooks is its ability to integrate with several other applications, in particular accounting applications thus being an effective business management tool. This application has a variable monthly fee depending on the number of users as well as clients.

Less Accounting

Less accounting is accounting software that is user-friendly and meant for businesses. It is a web-based application that has enhanced level of security thus being a more robust solution for business management. With this application, users can import bank accounts, contacts; track their mileage as well as their business expenditure. In addition, in terms of tax filing, users can share their access with their accountants.

Smart Phones

Several studies carried out show that the application of Smartphones in one’s life or business increase the efficiency with each tasks and operations are carried out. There are numerous advantages that come with these mobile devices. With Smartphones, users can respond to mails as fast as possible despite their location and monitor progress of tasks and projects. Additionally, employers can use Smartphones to communicate effectively with their employees via chat services. They are the most used tools in the current business world and they make communication and business accessibility possible right in the users’ hands. The fact that they are portable makes these mobile devices effective tools for business management.

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