Mold growth in buildings poses a serious health hazard to people. Mold spores are a common component of household and workplace dust. When mold spores are present in large quantities, they cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Prolonged exposure can be particularly harmful to humans.

Allergic reactions can be runny nose, nasal and sinus congestion, eye irritation like watery, read or itchy eyes, headache and sneezing. They can also cause serious respiratory problems like wheezing, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, cough and throat irritation. It can also cause skin irritation or a rash.

Infants are at a greater risk due to mold. Only a professional Inspections company can assess the extent of mold and the extent of mold hazard. Allied Inspections Company inspects and tests your home or commercial property for the presence of mold. Allied Inspections is the most recognized and requested Company in South Florida. Our team of trained and Florida Certified Mold Assessors will inspect and test your home or commercial property for the presence of mold.

We provide a thorough assessment of the surface environments of the home or building using visual means as well as on-site testing with moisture meters, hygrometers, ATP (on-site mold detections), thermal imaging, along with air sampling and surface sampling procedures.

Allied is the only Building Inspection Company in South Florida to have a three Florida Licensed Mold Assessor on staff for the inspection and testing of mold. As Home Inspectors Broward, we provide you a lab report and summary within 3 to 5 days. We also provide you a consultation with our licensed mold assessor. Our mold inspections services start at $375.

As Home Inspectors Broward, Allied Building Inspections Services offers you Residential inspections. These are particularly important as they tell you of the likely dangers, leaks or threats. Besides residential inspections is also beneficial for those buying a new home. With our residential inspections services we give you a comprehensive report for any problems with roof, electrical systems, structural dangers, plumbing, appliances and even the swimming pool.

Allied Building Inspection Services has a professional staff of inspectors trained and certified to handle all aspects of inspecting commercial real estate. Our team includes licensed General Contractors, Florida Certified Professional Engineers, Registered Architects and Certified Pest Operators.

We provide the following services like Comprehensive Commercial Building Inspections, 40 Year Recertification Inspections, New Construction Inspections, Construction-In-Progress Inspections, Damage Estimates, Structural Inspections, Engineering Inspections, and Construction Progress Draw Inspections.

Besides the above, we also offer inspection services for Chinese Dry wall, Florida Condo Reserves, Reserve Studies & Analysis, Reserve Fund Condo REO services, Insurance inspections, etc.

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