Choosing Wrong Keywords

Targeting the wrong keywords is the common mistakes that most people do, even the experienced experts make it. For example, you may optimize your website for the keywords which you think may be best and more relevant and rank number one for those keywords but still may not gain new traffic. The reason is that you are not targeting the right keyword. Reasons that you may choose a wrong Keyword:

1. Selecting keywords that are very popular. If the keyword is too popular, you have to put up lot of work to bring rankings. For example choosing keywords like car, bike etc.

2. Choosing a keyword phrase that is too broad. If you are choosing a keyword that is too broad then you might not get the appropriate traffic as a highly targeted keyword phrase.

Choosing the right keyword may make or break your SEO. So make correct decisions while choosing keywords for your website.

JavaScript Menus

For Search engine friendly website, plain text menus are always recommended rather than JavaScript menus. But still using dynamic JavaScript menus are necessary for some websites. Using JavaScript is not bad until you understand that search engines do not read JavaScript and build your website accordingly. If you are using JavaScript in you website then be sure that you create a sitemap or No Script tag for making your links crawlable.

Graphic Header

Many websites are designed with graphic header. We can see websites having company logo occupying the full width of the page. This mistake has to be avoided. The upper part of the page is very important place where you can insert your targeted keywords. When search engines see a graphic image, the prime position is totally wasted there since search engines do not make use of images. And another mistake is that header contains text information in image form to make it attractive. But again text in it cannot be indexed by search engines and will not contribute toward page rank.

The best way to present a logo is to use a hybrid approach - keep the logo at the top of each page and size it that it does not occupy the whole width. Use the rest of the width for the text header.

Pure Flash Website

Search engines do not understand flash and if a website is designed with pure flash then they will see the entire website as a single page. And you may not get the opportunity to optimize different pages for targeted keywords. If you are having a pure flash website, then do follow the below strategies,

1. Rebuild your website by breaking up the flash file and moving the major sections to its own HTML page. Flash elements can then be included as needed on each separate page.

2. If you can’t do the first point then you can get smart by using separate URLS by implementing SWF address.

3. Give more focus on Off page optimization. Concentrate more on the keywords targeted.

4. Creating a HTML alternative is another best option for Flash SEO. It is not only helpful for Search engines but also for disable visitors for the website.

Importance of URLs

A good URL helps you to rank better in search engines. Dynamic URLs are commonly used in E-commerce sites but the disadvantage is that an URL with keyword can rank better than dynamic URLs with special characters and session ids. Major search engines provide more weightage to page with static and URLS containing keywords. If you are having a website with dynamic URLs then you can use Mod-Rewrite Rule to handle conversion still keeping the dynamic URL. SEO India - SEO Services Group is a SEO Company offering affordable SEO Services including ,Multilingual SEO,Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, PPC Management Services. Our SEO process comprises of innovative solutions, path-breaking strategies and
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