There are literally millions of golfers per year that plan a golf vacation. Whether they go to the exclusive, luxurious ‘The Wayaya Club’ in the middle of the Fiji islands, or the Greenbrier Golf Academy in West Virginia or some golfing R&R in the Hamptons on Long Island, the vacation aura and atmosphere permits the individual to relax despite the competitive intensity of golf. It is advisable for vacationers to seriously consider golfing destinations such as Arizona, Hawaii, Las Vegas or even Michigan for desirable golfing and enjoyment.

The Millions of golfers planning a glove vacation can’t avoid the moment when it’s time to pack luggage for their time of fun on the green. A few will neglect to pack everything necessary, while several others will transport more than desired through airport lobbies across the globe. It’s pure and simple - you need to keep it basic.

It’s advisable for one to consider brining along rain gear, one long-sleeve shirt or even a light turtleneck, long pants and a wide-brim hat, specifically for a sunny destination. For those going to a location with a seasonal climate, layers of light clothing will be a wise choice, so that you can adjust to whatever temperature. It’s always good to bring along an extra golf glove, maybe two, and some extra socks. A lightweight windbreaker pullover is never a bad idea on a golf trip.

The game of golf can get expensive enough; therefore, there shouldn’t be a need to out dress the playing partners. The purpose of golf fashion is to dress comfortably and look attractive. When one dresses well, one normally appears to know how to play the game with a certain degree of distinction.

It’s extremely important to pack sunscreen. If you wait to arrive at the vacation destination to buy it, then prepare to spend twice as much for sunscreen. Chapstick that offers protection from the sun as well as a few Band-Aids for blisters is a good start. A golf umbrella, extra shoe spikes, the spike wrench, plenty of golf balls, several tees and a marker pen are required for every golf vacation.

A good idea is to telephone in advance to discover if the golf courses require soft-spike shoes. This is in case if you have the traditional metal shoe spikes, you can change over to soft spikes prior to your leave.

Last, but not least, it’s wise to obtain a sturdy, albeight light and collapsible, wheeled traveling golf club case to transport clubs on your walk inside an airline terminal. You spent plenty of money for the clubs, so you need to secure them from careless handling while they’re in possession of baggage handlers.

Jena Luthowski writes about Golf coupons, Golfballs savings and Golfsmith promo codes.
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