The days of suffering silently with premature ejaculation are at an end as there are several options to be availed. The recently introduced medication Priligy is definitely a smart way to deal with the situation.

Premature ejaculation, in simple words, can be defined as lack of male capacity to control his ejaculation until the required time period. It is suggested that almost all men suffer from this problem at least once in their lifetime. However, this situation needs to be dealt with adequate medical attention if it occurs chronically or persistently. The importance of enjoying a satisfactory sexual life needs no discussion in the modern social context. There are many examples that would assert the fact that lack of sexual satisfaction in relationships may cause distance between couples, even resulting in separation. Due to cultural constriction, many men find it difficult to address problems of their sexual health - premature ejaculation is definitely a very common one of those. Thanks to the advancement of medical science in this field today a person can avail several premature ejaculation treatment options. However, it is also important to make the right choice from an array of options available. The recently introduced medication for treating premature ejaculation, Priligy, has been highly acclaimed as it helps a man to manage PE problem without any additional complications.

Can premature ejaculation be cured?

Many sources claim that PE can be cured and the situation improves with the progress of time. These are some of the most common myths that may excite a person to choose an inappropriate treatment option or he may keep waiting, while the seriousness of premature ejaculation continues to increase. Experts are of the opinion that persistent PE problems, if not treated correctly, may cause erectile dysfunction. At the same time it is also important to remember that the problem of early ejaculation cannot be cured. All that a person can do is to manage it so that he keeps enjoying a healthy sexual life and his self confidence would increase at the same time. Generally, a person with PE attains his sexual climax within 1.8 minutes.

Which are the options to treat premature ejaculation?

The mechanism of an ejaculatory process tell us that a man, during sexual intercourse, attains climax and ejaculates consequently due to increase of serotonin hormone, a known neurotransmitter. The alteration of serotonin level in the brain, to a great extent, is determined by the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). The common premature ejaculation treatment methods, such as the Masters-Johnson method, use of antidepressants and nasal inhalators aim to increase effectiveness of the SSRIs so that serotonin levels don't increase in the brain. However, it is rationally not possible for a male to request his partner to perform the finger-grip technique as suggested by the Masters-Johnson method. Moreover, prolonged used of antidepressants and nasal inhalators may cause different types of physical complications.

Priligy, compared to these traditional methods, is more effective as it contains dapoxetine, an important inhibitor of serotonin, as its basic ingredient. This medication can be availed in two different dosages, 30mg and 60mg. The beginners are recommended with lower (30mg)dosage of Priligy. If a physician finds that a user is not facing any adverse effect or he doesn't find this strength effective enough then the 60mg dosage is prescribed. It is a proven fact that Priligy improves a person's capacity to last at least three times longer than his early experience.

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