A wedding is one of the most special days of a couple's life together since it marks the moment of their union as a man and woman. Hence most couples tend to spend lavishly on their weddings in order to celebrate their happiness. Hiring a wedding limousine service is the perfect way to enjoy the happiness in maximum comfort and without any kind of hassles. After all anyone can drive the couple to their hotel or honeymoon destination in a long sedan but what sets a limousine apart is the royal treatment afforded to the couple. A limousine is decked with comforts like a mini bar, a bed like sofa, partition between the passengers and the driver, mini television etc. These are some of the basic amenities available in a limousine which can put even a Mercedes Benz to shame.

Planning a wedding is a tiring job, one which consumes almost all reserves of energy and patience in the mean time. Hence by the end of the ceremony, the couple is almost about to drop dead on their feet. But the prospect of being pampered by a limousine while they are en-route to their hotel, keeps them up and running. All limousines come with sofa like seats where the passengers can let go and relax with a gl[censored] of champagne in their hands. After all the company of your partner along with a gl[censored] of wine can have a smoothing effect like nothing else.

Another advantage of hiring a wedding limousine service is the special treatment provided to their customers. The term 'limousine' is associated with luxury and o[censored] nce itself. The presence of a mini bar suggests that the couple can celebrate their union with a celebratory drink. Most limousine services ensure that their mini bars are filled with all kinds of liquor and snacks so that their customers lack nothing.

Many couples also request the driver to raise the partition in case they feel adventurous. All limousine drivers have faced this request at least once or twice in their careers and are completely comfortable with them. In fact they are told by their bosses to comply with each and every wish of their customers if they are not breaking any laws. Such treatment can only be provided by a limousine service hence the reason why more and more couples are opting for their services.

Apart from the royal treatment and personal service, limousines also serve the basic purpose of ferrying the passengers from the ceremony venue to the hotel of their choice or in many cases, their honeymoon destination. The whole idea is to provide a comfortable and luxurious environment to the passengers while they are travelling along with complete privacy. All limousines have dark, tinted glasses which ensure that no can peek inside the car and invade the privacy of the passengers. All limousine services make sure that the privacy of their passengers is maintained at all times without any kind of hassles.

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