Father Edward Sorin founded the University of Notre Dame du Lac in 1842. The university originally was catered to male students; it only opened its doors to female students in 1972. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart – the university church – is one of the distinct architectural creations on the campus.

Notre Dame is also the home of one of college football’s most unique teams: the Fighting Irish. This is a rare independent football team in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision. Unlike regular conference teams, the Fighting Irish do not have scheduled games with other teams.

Although this is the case, they have a remarkable football records compared to other NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision. They have the most FBS National Football Championships, having won 11 consensus national championships, and some say 13. However, the university did not recognize the years when the Associated Press and coaches did not both rank them Number One. They trail just behind the Michigan Wolverines in terms of winning percentage, they rank second in NCAA records.

Winning streaks are also an important part of Fighting Irish records. They are famous for putting an end to the winning streak of Oklahoma, as fans waved their Notre Dame merchandise. Aside from that, the team also holds a record for consecutive wins over one opponent, which they did against the US Naval Academy.

Notre Dame has produced many All-Americans. In addition to that, they rank number one in the number of athletes joining the National Football League in various nations.

The Fighting Irish have produced seven Heisman Trophy winners, one of only two college teams to do so. This is an award given in recognition to the most outstanding college football player in the United States. These players are (latest to the earliest): Tim Brown, John Huarte, Paul Hornung, Johnny Lattner, Leon Hart, Johnny Lujack, and Angelo Bertelli.

They also have forty-seven College Football Hall of Famers players and coaches combined.

Apart from that, Notre Dame also took part in most historic games in football. Many sports historian rated their game with Ohio State as the Game of the Century in 1935. The Associated Press also gave the same distinctions to their game against the United States Military Academy in 1946. In addition, they also have several memorable bowl games; one is the 1979 Chicken Soup game against the University of Houston. The name derived from the soup Joe Montana had consumed prior to leading his team to a comeback and winning the game.

The team also has various rival teams, including different levels of rivalries against other teams like USC and Michigan. Most of their rivalries are goal-oriented: Its rivalry with the University of Southern California has more to do with overtaking the other in the Heisman Trophy and earning team prestige. Their rivalry with the University of Michigan is the same; any team who is nearing the number one spot for the highest winning percentage would want to dethrone the leading team. This is what Notre Dame wants to do with Michigan.

Freddie Brister is a loyal fan of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football. His love for football started as a boy passing the pigskin around with cousins and classmates. Since that time, he has coached high school football for 25 years. Check out his Notre Dame Fighting Irish Merchandise.
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