It is estimated that total number of mobile apps downloads will reach 44 billion by 2016. The online app market is expected to have a revenue of $25 billion 2015. Businesses are having a great time leveraging the growth of mobile apps industry. These are increasing productivity, reducing paperwork, and generating better revenue for businesses.

The growing capabilities of mobile devices can be regarded as the reason behind immense success of mobile applications. The evolving capabilities of technology means we will be seeing more applications that will prove real beneficial for businesses. There are various enterprise app development companies, which are working towards raising the standards of the apps & taking the app market to a higher level.

Mobile Applications & the Involvement in Businesses

There is an app nearly for everything. If we talk about enterprise mobile applications, they are huge in numbers. From placing an order to raising invoices and checking stock availability, an enterprise has various areas where mobility is impacting the work process.

One of every five phones sold is a smartphone. Employees and customers are using the smart devices & businesses are tapping into these devices to connect with them.

A survey has proved that companies are using technologies more than they did last year and 43% of businesses plan to include mobility into their everyday operations more in the coming years.

Half of the devices in corporates will be mobile devices by 2015.

Currently, 13% of information workers are using smartphones for their official work and the number is expected to reach 34% by the end of 2012.

The North American market for mobile office apps was $1.76 billion in 2010 and is expected to surge to $6.85 billion in 2015.

Why Businesses are Using Mobile Apps?

There are two types of mobile apps for enterprises:

Generic Enterprise Apps - One of the most common and preferred app types. These applications are not customized and are designed to fit into the work process of various industries.

Customized Enterprise Apps - It is expected that market of these enterprise apps will be growing in coming time. Enterprises are opting for custom development in order to get a specific app that fits perfectly into their business requirements.

Mobile applications are definitely making life easier for us. It is the highly visible results that are making enterprises go mobile.

Enterprises are incorporating mobile application in their operation to meet several goals. According to a recent survey, there are three main reasons behind businesses taking the decision of developing mobile applications:

• Mobile apps resulted in 42% increase in the productivity

• 39% paperwork reduced by using mobile apps

• 37% increase in the revenue reported by incorporating mobile applications

89% of the fortune 500 companies are deploying iPhone and 65% of them are using or deploying iPad in the work process. The numbers are nowhere going to decrease and we can expect mobile apps for enterprises to be a booming sector in next 5 years.

You will find some of the best mobile app development companies India and other parts of the world that have experience of working for enterprises. But, the rapid growth of industry has invited various small & inexperienced developers. So, it is important that you choose the right enterprise app development companies to create a successful, robust, and profitable product for your business.

Copper Mobile, is one of the leading enterprise app development companies with offices in Dallas, London, and India. Out of the many mobile app development companies India and in other parts of the world, what makes
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