You might have heard of this company name and it is really synonymous with most of the onboard audio solutions that you do get when you purchase a new computer or a laptop. In fact, at last glance, the realtek solution whether it be graphics or on board audio, is on more than 60% of motherboards and stock computers all over the world. This popularity, while should be attached to reliability, is not always the case, and sometimes, people would come across problems while they are setting up their computer or they have installed a third party piece of hardware, or even a piece of software on their computer.

This happens when there is a driver or port conflict, and when this happens, either one of the solutions would be to re asses the driver install and integrity and go from there. Realtek is especially prone to these kind of problems when new hardware is being installed, so you need to be careful and know exactly what to do when you come across a realtek driver issue. You can resolve them in three easy steps which this article will go through in a moment.

Before that, a little disclaimer though, while more than 90% of the time, the problem lies in the driver conflict or IRQ conflict, there might be some problems that we do not know about which requires further investigation. The driver issue is not a 100% easy to solve problem, but most of the time, it can be done within a few minutes. The basic problem you have here is that one or more of the drivers you have on board your computer is outdated, so what you need to do is to check the version history. This is the first issue you might be facing, which can be easily ratified by going online and checking the available versions and updating them when necessary.

The second type of problem you might be facing is a motherboard issue, in which the flash bios is not built to handle the driver conflict and there might be a muddle of instructions that you do not know about. What you need to do actually is to just update the bios of the motherboard, which should set things in the right motion again. Last but certainly not the end of the line, the other problem you might be facing is that you might be facing a problem far deeper than this.

This might be due to a virus attack, a Trojan, a worm, malware, spyware or even different layers of conflicts all working within the registry. All you need to do in this scenario is to actually cut and paste your problem on any one of the many tech forums you can find online and then see if there is someone else with the same problem as you. More than likely the problem has already surfaced and either a tech guru or someone from the manufacturer has posted a solution to it.

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