Many people think that if you go to the store and something bad happens to you (an item falls from above a shelf caused by stacking too many items on the shelf, you trip over merchandise or boxes left by a store employee or you slip on a spill that someone was told to clean up thirty minutes ago but didn't), it can never be the store's fault. However, this line of thinking just isn't true. You are invited by the store to do business with them. The law clearly states that the store owes you a duty to provide a safe place for you to shop. We believe the facts should be heard to determine whether the store is at fault and if so what amount would fairly compensate the injured patron. The best way to present your facts is through a Texas injury attorney.

A jury last week in southeast Texas did just that. An 89 year old woman from Corpus Christi, TX, was able to tell her story to a jury about an injury she received two years ago. The facts indicated that the injured woman fractured her hip after the automatic door slammed into her at a medical building. The woman claimed continued problems with her hip. The jury awarded $6.4 million dollars in favor of the injured woman. As we would expect from corporate America, the medical building's lawyer has said they intend to appeal the verdict. Obviously, the jury heard facts that indicated it was the fault of the medical building in causing the injuries and that the injuries were significant enough to require a substantial jury award.

If you have been injured at the premises of a place where you are doing business, please give us a call to learn about your legal rights. Everyone should have the opportunity to have their case reviewed by a personal injury lawyer that handles these types of cases to see if they are entitled to financial compensation for injuries they have suffered through the fault of others.

Cases like these can be very trying on families and the victims. When one is injured unexpectedly, working can become difficult, if not impossible, medical bills can pile up, and income can be reduced. Considering these factors, it is important to hire an experienced, but compassionate injury attorney. Our firm is able to provide cash advances to clients that have been injured and are in need of financial help.

By utilizing the services of an attorney experienced in personal injury cases, you can maximize the money you're entitled to receive. An attorney can ensure that all facts of your case are presented to the appropriate sides and make sure that you are compensated fairly for your injuries. Most insurance companies want to only pay you as little as possible. Is that fair? A personal injury lawyer gives you a much better chance at being financially compensated for any medical bills related to the injury, past or present, as well as if you're suffering from any diminished quality of life.

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