A lot of business owners and/or entrepreneurs are so passionate about their content, their mission and their life's purpose that they want to reach as many people as possible. The obvious way to do this is via public speaking to groups, group workshops and seminars, both online and in front of live groups. Obviously, this is also a fantastic way for the business owner to both leverage their time and increase their income, giving them the resources to cast an even wider net with their message. But how do you go about creating terrific content? The answer may not be so obvious.

Here's the problem. Whether its due to passion and enthusiasm, or a bit of insecurity about delivering enough value, these professionals often try to squeeze in too much content information into their workshops. Whether or not they've organized their content well, they're not maximizing the impact their content can have upon their audience. When there's too much content information, the audience simply can't absorb and integrate it all into their current system, lifestyle, methodology, paradigm etc. The expert speaker has had years, even decades, living with their expertise, while the audience may have had no previous exposure to the information. In fact, that's often a point where a disconnect between the audience and speaker occurs.

As a result, audience members often fail, at least to some degree, to apply the new information/ mindset/ training they've just spent the last few days or hours completely immersed into their daily routine when they return home. The business owners clients go home, get caught up for a few days, then when they turn back to the training information to which they've recently been exposed, they wonder something like, "Now how do I implement this again? How do I make this work?"

Why are they asking themselves this question? It's because they didn't really learn it in the first place. The information was presented and generously shared, but it wasn't taught to them. After all, don't many infomarketers complain that people buy their products and don't use them? Well, that's why. Being given a lot of information is one thing, but truly understanding how to use it is another.

So when it comes to teaching public speaking or coaching clients on their workshop development, here's a quick synopsis of my advice that will allow their audience go home and hit the ground running with their newfound knowledge. (Hint: this will also help the audience develop a stronger bond with the expert, to whom they'll return if they've learned how to do one thing really, really well.)

1) Include more time for activities. They're really not just for fun, not at all! Activities are designed to reinforce the content understanding, and give audience members an opportunity to analyze and apply it to problem solving situations, in order to gain more insight into how it all works and can work for them.

2) Add formative assessments periodically throughout the workshop or seminar. A formative assessment is a quick test or whole group activity than can be incorporated into your seminar or workshop to check that the audience is following you.

These can even be incorporated into information products. If someone reaches a certain point in the product's content, and they don't arrive at the expected result or solved the expected problem, then they're provided with a course of action to take to review and rework the process until they achieve the desired result.

3) Remember, less is more!! Let your audience leave truly understanding a few vital pieces of information that they'll clearly know how to apply to change their lives right away instead of being overwhelmed by a plethora of information that they don't clearly and specifically know how to apply or synthesize into their current situation.

Remember, when you're speaking to groups, there's more to teaching than simply sharing information. Take it a step further and make sure most of your listeners truly understand your content.

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