Dealing with debt can be really tough. Sometimes you can dig yourself out on your own, and other times you need help. Filing for chapter 13 may be your answer.

If you've ever gotten harassing phone calls from a bill collector, you know the sick feeling that can cause. And if you're on your job, the issue can be downright embarrassing. Instead of torturing yourself, you may want to look into the benefits of filing for chapter 13.

Relief from stress

When going through a financial hardship, things can get really bad. Creditors can be relentless in their attempt to collect a debt and sometimes you can't take it. Things like threatening phone calls, letters, and even garnishment of your check can be enough to drive you crazy. Some people want things to just be over with and they want to walk away from all their money problems without paying anything back. When they file ch. 7 bankruptcy, their unsecured debt is wiped away. However, you can only do this once every 8 years and your credit is damaged. By filing chapter 13, you can set up a payment plan and pay your bills back in an amount that's affordable for you.

Keep assets

Another great thing about paying back your debt under the right plan is that you don't have to worry about losing all your assets. You'll be able to keep things like your house and car, but have a more manageable way of paying your debts. Chapter 13 is the much better choice when trying to deal with bills. Best of all, if your house was in danger; you now have protection and won't lose your home to foreclosure.

Peace of mind

Another great benefit of choosing chapter 13 is that you will have some peace of mind that you can handle your debt. Before filing, you may feel that the situation is hopeless. Your phone keeps ringing, you cannot spend any money for extra curricular activities and basically you're filled with worry and misery over all your debts you cannot pay right now. With filing this way, you are able to get a handle on your debts and are at peace that you can get on a payment plan of some sort.

Save time

Instead of wasting another moment worrying about what you're going to do about another looming bill, you may want to consider filing chapter 13. This way, you can sort things out, get on a payment schedule and move on with your life and be happy. No one wants to continue to suffer with an enormous mountain of bills. But few do anything about it and it's a vicious cycle.
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