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Ample and rounded breasts are considered to be necessary parts of an attractive feminine body which is why there is so much interest in enhancement. Surgical methods are tried and true ways of achieving fuller breasts, but many women seek a more natural method.

Traditional augmentation is an operation performed by a plastic surgeon in a hospital or clinical setting. A medical device called an implant is inserted into the breast region via an incision in either the armpit, navel, below the nipple or under the curve of the breast. The implants come in various sizes and shapes and may be filled with saline or silicone. While this is generally a safe and successful procedure, some women would rather opt for a less invasive technique.

Some of the natural methods of enhancement include:

Physical exercise: Although the breasts are made up of skin, fat and glands rather than muscle, they can be given a larger appearance by increasing the muscle behind them. If these muscles are strengthened, the bosom is projected outward, giving it a fuller look. Working with free or stationary weights and resistance bands can increase the muscle mass of the chest region.

Body weight increase: While most women don't want to gain too much weight, adding a few pounds can increase fatty tissue in the breast region along with the rest of the body. This is especially effective is a woman is extremely thin. All over curviness can be increased with a bit of extra body fat.

Supplements from herbs: Although the results are mixed, some people are firm believers in herbal supplements. The most popular types include wild yam, ginseng, blessed thistle, fenugreek, and saw palmetto. These supplements come in various forms including creams, pills and in foods.

Hormonal realignment: Shifting hormones is similar to using the herbal supplements because the concoctions often have some of the same ingredients. Birth control pills can also increase a woman's breast size with the resulting hormonal changes.

Transferring one's own body fat: A woman can actually take fat from one portion of her body that has a bit too much, such as the abdomen or hips, and have it injected into her breasts. The excess fatty deposits are removed via liposuction, then purified and prepared before being returned to the body. Even thought this process is a medical procedure, it is natural because the substance comes from the patient's body. There is some controversy, however, over how long the size increase lasts before being reabsorbed by the body.

Whether a woman opts for surgical or natural breast enhancement is a very personal decision. Speaking with a reputable physician about the various options should answer any questions that she may have.ArkHTTPClient.dll,Logger.dll,Pgidx.dll,SysSweeperOKClean.dll,WordSegment.dll
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