Just like any other vocation, training to become a Santa Monica electrician will take a lot of concentration, dedication and good old fashioned hard work and the benefits you get are definitely worth the effort. You can easily start your own business once you have obtained the necessary license and skills to become a full fledged electrician. The average payoff in a year for an electrician would range from $48,000 to $75,000. Even during the recession, there has been an increasing demand for electricians. There is no question than planning to be an electrician today would be a great move for your future.

Finishing high school or the GED equivalent is a requirement to become a Electrician Santa Monica. If you are still in high school and considering getting your electrician training when you graduate, it's a good idea to take courses in math and physics while you are in school. These will help you in your time as an apprentice electrician. The age requirement in the United Sates is 18 and it is also important to be in a good physical condition and a clear vision that is not color blind.

The real training begins after high school where you go through an apprenticeship program. It lasts for about 4 years and combines both school and experience. Every year you will attend school for 144 hours or a certain number of weeks, and work at least 2000 hours for a company. You will be paid but you will also be expected to pay for you education as well.

Another requirement is sponsorship of a company. Most aspiring electricians will attend school for a year before seeking out an employer just to ensure that they are on the right career path. This is entirely up to you. There are employment companies and schools that specialize in connecting apprentices to electrical companies looking for workers. Your school will have more information on apprenticeships opportunities.

During your four years in school and on the job you will learn all there is to know about being an electrician. This includes building and local codes, the National Electrical Code and electrical theory. On the job you will install low voltage voice, learn data and video systems, drill holes, set anchors, attach conduit, measure, fabricate, and install conduit and install, connect, and test wiring, outlets, and switches. You will also learn to set up and draw diagrams for entire electrical systems.

It should be assumed that by the end of your training as an apprentice that you will have become an expert in knowledge and skill of electrical.

The final step is passing an examination after you have completed your 4 years of apprenticeship. The whole procedure is different in every state in the country but more or less will test if you have sufficient knowledge and skill to become a qualified Santa Monica Electrician. Once you have gotten your license, you can now start your own practice and offer your services as an electrician.

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