There are many costs that may be associated with setting up a website. I will describe each of these potential costs below. Keep in mind that these are only typical and not all of the costs are always necessary. By knowing and understanding each of the different cost factors, you may better understand your particular needs.

Domain Name

A domain name is the key identifier for your website, it is your unique “address”.

An example is

Approximate domain name costs: $15.00 per yea


Your web hosting is what contains the files and code for your website to be displayed online. It is important to note that this is provided by a web host so you must usually pay them a hosting fee. Hosting fees can be broken down on a monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly basis, dependent on your particular hosting provider.

Approximate Hosting Costs: $10.00/month

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Website Design

Website design is a key factor in having a user-friendly website. There are many types of website design such as custom HTML coding and design, graphic design and CMS-enabled design. There is no typical cost for website design, it is different from designer to designer but can run from just a few dollars per page to thousands for a complete website.

*We can help you design your website for a small consulting fee.

Maintenance Fees

If you choose to hire a webmaster for maintaining your website, you will most likely need to pay them a regular maintenance fee. This is typically done on an hourly rate and averages in the $50 per hour range. Keep in mind that a webmaster is not always necessary and you may be able to maintain your website by yourself.

Interactive Content

Interactive content can range from shopping cart tools to surveys to embedded social media. These are usually known as software which can be custom-enabled, enabled with a plugin or a widget. Many of these types of interactive content modules are free on the web but some can be very expensive, depending on the type. For example, shopping cart software can range from $30 per month to thousands per year.

Security Certificates

Security certificates are necessary if you decide to sell items on your website and host a shopping cart on your server. This will encrypt all customer data and send it to the proper payment processors over a secure network (SSL). Some web hosts allow you to purchase a one-time certificate for only $10. Others may cost in the range of $20-$200. Other related expenses may be for a fixed IP address for your server and a business account with a payment processor.

Keep in mind that you can still host a shopping cart on your website for a monthly fee without the need for paying for secure servers. Many shopping cart and payment systems allow you to connect to a shopping cart system that redirects from your website to their secure server and network. These are usually paid on a monthly basis and range from $20 and up based on the particular provider.

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