Dealing with depression is very difficult if it is combined with addiction. Alcoholic and a drug addiction are very serious problems that make the depression more critical. If such patients are treated at the right time, they can recover soon. This article will help you know how to help these patients to come out of the illness.

Depression is a disease which makes you loose a sound mind and in the process, health too. The feeling of sadness that stays for more than three weeks is generally called depression. Sadness or low energy levels can occur because of the stressed out lifestyle too. So, people do neglect the first symptoms of this disease.

Here are few symptoms which indicate that you are a patient of depression. Helplessness is the major symptoms of depression. It is very high if the patient is a teenager. You may easily discover that the interest of parti[censored] ting in various activities is no more there and you get furious quickly.

Eating and sleeping habits do change extremely, so you notice a tremendous change in weight, appetite and sleeping hours. This disturbed state of mind and troubled schedule makes the person more upset.

All the above things may cause addictive habits. When the patient does not find any help to kill frustration, the possibility of addiction increases. When a patient cannot sleep for some weeks, he/she finds out the easiest way to kill frustration – addiction.

Generally, chances of addiction are high if the person is between the age group of 18 to 55. As these people have a busy schedule and stress of work or study. There are many responsibilities for these people. So, they hardly find time to observe their own behavior. Even if they do, it is very difficult to believe the fact for them. So, the inner struggle increases, which in turn can push them towards addictions.

Depression patients having addictions are treated with dual diagnosis. Alcohol and drugs are two major addictive habits found in many patients of depression. It is necessary that the patient's relatives should handle the patient very carefully. As there are high chances of addiction in depression patients, the ratio is the same the other way round. The alcoholics and drug abusers can easily fall for this disease. Even a self medication can result in addiction, which may lead towards depression.

Dealing with such patients is a challenge for relatives, friends and caretakers. As doctors will prescribe various medicines, but the support and care must be taken by relatives and friends. First off all neglect the short tempered nature of the patient. It is very obvious in first few days of medicinal treatment of depression.

Generally, addiction treatment includes a continuous observation of the patient. This may be very difficult for a patient to tolerate. So, be generous in those days towards the patients. Try to involve him in various activities, social functions and hobbies.

Loneliness is the main cause of any addiction. So, be with the patient in this critical situation. Don't ever let him or her be alone while he/she is being treated. Meditation, reading inspirational novels, playing, listening to music, spending time with intimates can prove beneficial to avoid monotonous lifestyle of a patient. Medical treatment will help the patients to get well soon, but a meditation and healthy relationships can assure that they stay well forever.,Investing in Binary Options,Think You Can't Write Articles? Think Again!,Laws For Abdominal Training Module,CPR Online can help you Save Lives,Breast Augmentation Surgery and Its Ins and Outs