How many times have you thought about improving your golf swing? Many golfers have gone through different methods.You may have practiced going over your swing plane,or even made your swing a smoother more limber motion,or tried techniques that you have read about.Here's a few simple golf swing drills that will help you obtain the right swing plane for better contact.

Use Tees

Now,the first of the golf swing drills is highly recommended by top instructors and will help with your contact.Take two tees out of your bag and put them into the ground,three inches apart or so.Swing the club through the tees without making contact with them.Begin with short swings and then work up to full swings,when you are able to avoid the tees you will be swinging on plane.

Some of the most common faults for the average player relates to when they bring the club back,they fail to take the club back in one piece.If you don't use a one piece takeaway,your body races ahead of your downswing,then you bring the club out from behind your right side in order to get it through the impact zone.The key here is to let your arms and chest move together,so that the club will be balanced,and in turn lets the club get back to the ball in front of your body.

Step Through

The second of the golf swing drills that I have found to be very helpful is the step through drill. This drill is designed to let you utilize one of most important power sources, the legs!Which at this point is one of the latest trends in the golf.It's very simple to do.It may take some time at first.The best thing about this drill is that it allows you to feel the right lower body motion.

Start by putting your feet together.Then swing the club back and pause. Then at this point,step forward with your front leg and let the power of your legs and the twisting of your hips to bring your arms and club through impact,with the correct swing plane.With practice,you will be able to use the first of the golf swing drills,with this one.

Improve Your Follow Through

The last of the golf swing drills is directed at the usage of your arms through the impact zone.The amount of pressure in your arms is crucial.If there is too much pressure,it will slow your arms down and prevent them from rolling over each other.You have to hold the club securely,but you have to allow your arms to swing freely.

To improve your arm swing and follow through,swing from your knees.This drill will force you to swing around your body and will stop over active body motion.This will be different at first,but with any of these golf swing drills,you will see results quickly.Your main focus will be to identify what you need to work on,then use one or all of these swing drills when you practice.

Jay Z is a golf performance pioneer who incorporates breakthrough psychology techniques,and reviews many programs for the benefit of every golfer. Visit: for lessons and products to catapult your game to a new level today!
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