With the growth and expansion of electronic and digital communication, print media is quickly becoming a lost art. It is with some sadness that we recognize that with this detachment from traditional publication, we are losing touch with what many people consider the humanity behind the written word. Everything from mail and advertising to literature and greeting cards has seen a drastic change in the mediums in which they can be most commonly found. With that being said, there is still something nearly indefinably more pleasing about holding something tangible and physical in one’s hand when trying to communicate with written language. Newsletters, for instance, were once a highly regarded and infinitely useful means of reaching the community, employees and even customers. With the right methods of publication and distribution, these handy methods of communication can prove just as useful and worthwhile an investment as any email or digital marketing campaign.

Hard-copy publication offers a personal touch to newsletter communication that is often lost in the transfer to electronic media. Every decision that goes into the design, printing and distribution of the document has an impact on the reader. Publishing a newsletter is far more involved than simply printing some events and information on a piece of paper with some clip art and making copies. Careful decision making and tailor-made craftsmanship can take a dull, lifeless rag and turn it into a vibrant and engaging way to reach any audience.

There are a number of ways to tailor a newsletter to a particular audience. Apart from letting the information alone communicate the message, the physical document speaks volumes about the motivations and resources available to the entity (be it individual or business) who publishes the information. For instance, a daycare center may choose to include a list of upcoming activities or recent announcements, but providing the information in a periodical printed on quality paper with colorful print and age-appropriate images can make a much more positive impression on the parents that will be expected to read it. The same can be said for a newsletter that is distributed to the employees of a large corporation. Rather than sending out a bland, half-hearted mass email, administration can provide copies of a professionally designed and well-produced document that provides a more personal touch to a world of business that can often leave employees feeling more like a number than a name.

Attention to detail, from the size and quality of paper used, to the choice of fonts, graphics and colors, and even the method of finishing and distribution makes a bold statement about the importance of the information included within the newsletter. Also, while it may seem more cost-effective to send out mass communications electronically, the costs associated with printing and distributing a hard-copy document may prove surprisingly affordable. Printers and publishers offer a wide variety of printing options, from top-of-the line, heavy stock papers to designers and editors that can make your newsletter worth every penny. Distribution and mailing services are also frequently included as one of the many available options to consider when producing a quality periodical.

So, while many would chalk up the traditional forms of communication up as a lost cause, there are still those who maintain that the cool indifference of the digital age is a poor substitute for the human touch of a quality production.

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