1 month before the birthday party

Set a realistic budget – a small budget doesn’t mean a dull party. It just means you have to be more creative.

Pick your party date – avoid party dates on holidays and vacation dates because some of the invited friends may be out of town

Select a party theme – popular party themes are beach, Hawaii, popular movies

Make your guest list – the size of your guest list should be limited by your budget and the location of the party. If your house can only accommodate 30 people don’t invite a 100 people.

Purchase party supplies, party favors, and decorations.

2-3 weeks before your party

Purchase your party invitations and mail them. - If your guests have e-mail, you may be able to save a tree and go digital. Just e-mail your invitations to your guests.

Collect party game ideas – keep in mind your guests. If you are inviting kids to your party, your games should be different than games for grown ups. Have a selection of games available not just one. Some games may work better with some than others.

Plan what kind of food will you be serving. – If you have a limited budget, you could have a potluck party. A potluck party gives your guests a chance to shine by bringing their own special food creations.

If you need help with preparation ask friends and family.

1 week before the party

Order the birthday party cake – if you bake your own cake, you don’t need to worry about this.

You can save time by cooking food in advance and keeping it in the freezer until the day of the party.

2-3 days before the party

Make sure you have film in the camera or that you have enough batteries for the digital camera

Try to get an exact guest count – contact key people and confirm that they will be able to make it to the party.

Get decorations ready and make sure you have everything you need.

1 day before the party

Get a good night’s sleep – parties are fun but they require a lot of work and you have to be strong

Decorate and prepare the food.

Make sure the party area is safe for all – keep children and people with disabilities in mind.

The Big Day - Party Time!

Get the balloons ready

Prepare foods ready

Make sure you take pictures – if you are busy put a friend in charge of taking pictures and making the video.

Enjoy, relax and have fun! You have worked hard to create a special time for you and your guests.

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