The greatest benefit accrued from the consumption of CoQ10 supplements to mankind is defending its skin against the ravages triggered by its exposure to sun's rays which cause wrinkles, sagging, discoloration and age spots.

When skin loses elasticity and becomes rigid, wrinkles appear. The cell division process becoming slow due to aging, the outer and inner layers of skin have differential resilience and wrinkles as well sagging skins form because of this.CoQ10 supplements boost energy production at the cell level and helps maintaining youthful, healthy skin.

Age brings about lot of changes in our lives, our sensory organs decline with age, our muscles sag, strength in our muscles gets drained out, and our immune system against diseases diminishes. There are a number of anti agents, primarily CoQ10 to combat the above malaises. Supplements have been found to be extremely useful in combating all cardio vascular diseases.

Even common cold becomes very serious problem as we advance with age. Likewise to protect our body from viruses, bacteria and other forms of communicable diseases, our immune system should be strengthened. Regular intake of supplements will boost our body immunity system.

In the case of some patients, the arteries develop a plaque, which is a great hazard for development of heart attack. Consumption of CoQ10, however Prevents formation of this plaque and give relief to the person.

In another age related disease diabetics also, Supplements though not directly involved in curing the disease, they potentially help the patient by improving his heart conditions besides regulating high cholesterol. Another important thing is that even in cases where there is a recurrence in heart attack, supplements are found to help.

Nowadays not only politicians, actors, public figures, glamorous professionals like airhostesses etc are conscious of their facial appearances but even housewives want their faces to glow brightly not betraying their true age. Many products are available in the market for skin care like DEA, MEA, TEA, dioxane, nitrosamines, padimate-O, Octyl dimethyl, parabens - menthy, propyl, butyl, or ethyl, polyethlylene Glycol (PEG) but they are likely to cause cancer, and at times, kidney damage, circulatory collapse, respiratory problems, central nervous system damage and even death. But When CoQ10 is used to do facials, the results are amazing.

There are some conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, where it is very difficult to pin-point the reason for the fatigue of the patient. The patient is so drained out of energy to undertake even the usual physical activities of taking care of body functions. Consumption of COq10 supplements has found to be very effective in these cases.

As our age increases, the most important area, which is affected is the brain where the blood circulation becomes less and less and as a result, the cognitive abilities get diminished. The brain health also suffers. Dementia sets in. Regular consumption of CoQ10 reverses this trend, such that even in old age, CoQ10 consumers can lead a fuller and richer life, full of happiness and glory.
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