Since getting targeted traffic is really important to your online business, there are many media on internet that can provide you with this service. One of the big players for this game is Google Search Engine. Google has million visitors a day who use its service to search something on internet. People type their keyword and then Google will bring them some relevant result pages.

Basically, if your site shown on the first page, then it's likely your site will get traffic from it. The main problem here is how to make your site shown on the first page of Google Search Engine so that it can become a funnel of traffic to your site. Maybe you know the answer. It is right, optimize your site with SEO or you can use Google AdWords. However, as many people like you, these methods sometimes put you in a disadvantage. What you will need then is the better solution; it is PPV/CPV advertising which I will describe in a while.

To get better result page is become harder day by day. It's become more competitive to get high result rank in our targeted keyword unless we target the less competitive keyword, but how much traffic we'll get there and how much the percent of conversion from that our little traffic. You can decide if it's profitable or not. In addition, search engine like Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. sometimes change their algorithm and can slap your site position any time. Therefore, it's needed to keep track of it. Although it can become your free traffic source, but doing this is really tiring for many of us, isn't it.

How about using AdWords?

If you have enough budget, that's fine, but it's business and of course you want to make profit as much as possible. Google cost you so expensive especially if your keyword is highly competitive and you haven't enough budget. Another bad news is the cost per click of your AdWords campaign will be higher if Google consider your site isn't fully optimize and have not enough content. In the end, you have to pay expensive cost for ads campaign that is not exposed very well.

Key point here is how to get targeted traffic as much as possible with minimum cost. With Pay per View (PPV) or Cost per View (CPV) advertising, it's not only cost you just cent of your pocket per visitor, but also it can bring you highly targeted traffic who already wants to spend their money for your offer.

Basically, PPV or CPV will not cost as much as Google AdWords or other Pay per Click (PPC) advertising. With this type of paid advertising, you can generate massive targeted visitor cheaply and of course easily. It is still working although you only have one page of site that is not SEO friendly or maybe just an affiliate link to your merchant website.

Finally, in this article I just want to open your view about this underground source of traffic. If you are disappointed with AdWords that choke your budget or SEO techniques that make you dizzy, then try PPV/CPV as your business campaign will be worth well.

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