As vehicle use increases worldwide each year, more consumers than ever before are searching for trusted vehicle repair specialists who can ensure that their vehicle remains in optimal condition for safe use. That's why organizations within the vehicle repair field require the latest and most innovative technology for auto lifts that can offer unmitigated value and durability for long-time usage.

One company specializing in this area is MAHA-USA. Since 1969, the MAHA Group has become recognized as a global leader in the manufacturing of vehicle repair and testing technology. With a presence in over 140 countries worldwide, their expertise ranges from manufacturing electronic brake testing technology to the exquisite engineering of class-leading auto lifts.

For those searching for premium workshop equipment that will save money and improve productivity, MAHA-USA is the perfect partner. From large corporations to small independent repair shops, MAHA's products have met the distinct requirements of the growing automotive industry. For example, MAHA USA's exemplary air lifts offer a 100% air-operated system for lifting heavy-duty vehicles and features a 20,000lbs lifting capacity. The company's air lifts also feature pneumatic wheels for easy manoeuvrability within tight working spaces.

MAHA-USA has always been at the cutting-edge of innovation with regards to auto lifts. Now, they offer customers the opportunity to purchase the wireless versions of their MCL-16 and MCL-18 mobile column lifts. Weighing in at a mere 1,200 lbs per column, these highly durable machines are far lighter than the products offered by competitors. In fact, that's not the only way in which MAHA-USA stays ahead of the competition. These products are the only wireless operated lifts on the market to feature proven ball [censored] technology. From just one charge, the wireless auto lifts offered by MAHA-USA can last for up to 45 cycles while at 50% capacity or up to 25 full cycles while operating at 100% capacity. For high-powered performance that lasts, MAHA's line of wireless auto lifts should be the first and only port of call.

In addition to their mobile column lifts, MAHA-USA offer clients a wide range of two post, four post, speciality and in-ground lifts. The HL Freedom line of two post lifts are designed for use with passenger cars, smaller vans and pick-up trucks and offer a lifting capacity up to 12,000 lbs. Considered the most versatile of any hydraulic two post auto lifts on the market today, this product features a freestanding column design and allows for either an asymmetric or symmetric set-up depending on the client's unique requirements. You can trust all the vehicle lifts within the MAHA-USA collection because each piece of equipment is designed for performance beyond that required for ALI certification.

MAHA-USA understands the high standards for professional auto repairs. Contact their team of experts today to find out how they can optimize your workplace operations for better performance and higher productivity.

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