Almost everyone has been told by their mothers to wipe their feet before coming inside. By that same token, almost everyone has forgotten to do so and left a trail of dirt and mess as they walked through the house. If you want to keep a truly clean home, wiping your feet on the doormat before entering is a big help.

However, we all know that doormats don’t get the bottom of your shoes completely clean. How do we know this? The floors need mopping and the carpet needs vacuuming all too soon, even in a house where feet are wiped upon each entry.

If you want to know that your floors are clean enough to eat off of, you need a tacky mat. Tacky mats are not your average door mat. These high tech mats actually remove all dirt and debris from your shoes and some are even equipped to sanitize your shoes.

As you can imagine, tacky mats were not invented for the obsessive compulsive home owner. Tacky mats are most often used in business, labs, and clean rooms in which the area needs to be kept completely clean and sanitary. Tacky mats keep those entering the area from carrying germs, dirt, and debris into the room along with their shoes.

But just how do these wonder mats work their magic? How Tacky mats work has remained a mystery for many, but it’s actually quite simple. In fact, the name ‘tacky mat’ is a big clue as to how tacky mats work to eliminate shoe bottom filth.

Also known as sticky mats, tacky mats are comprised of layer upon layer of adhesive film. The highly powerful adhesive on the film effectively removes dirt, grime, and even grease from the bottoms of shoes, bare feet, wheels, and even animal paws. The adhesive in tacky mats is not your average sticker glue. You might say that it’s adhesive on steroids!

Many tacky mat manufacturers also include anti-microbial germicide that also kills germs. Not only are floors free of dirt and debris, but you can feel confident that your floors and rooms are sanitary and safe.

Best of all, when your tacky mat is full of dirt and debris, a fresh layer of adhesive is just a few minutes away. Simply peel away the top layer to reveal a fresh mat of industrial strength adhesive. Many tacky mats have as many as thirty layers to ensure you never run out of cleanliness. You never have to wash, clean or maintain your tacky mat.

Tacky mats are even used in hospitals to ensure the highest levels of sanitation and cleanliness. When used in the home, tacky mats help you keep a fresh and sanitary home without additional cleaning time on your part.

For home owners and business owners that want to work smarter and not harder, but still want to maintain a clean and sanitary space, tacky mats are a very valuable tool. You’ll love knowing that your tacky mat is working on your behalf to keep your home and your business clean.

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