If you are one to feel a little apprehensive about using too many commercial products when it comes to your skin care, you can always opt a more natural way. Sometimes the best ways to care for your skin do not require too many drugstore products or other highly advanced methods. Starting with a more natural approach is always advisable.

One of the easiest ways to achieve a better skin care regimen is to do exfoliation using a brush. You can use a dry brush before you shower in the morning to help eliminate dead skin cells. By using a brush, you are facilitating better circulation to your body. Good circulation prevents bloating as well. Just be sure to use gentle pressure on the surface so as not to irritate the skin.

Another way to help clear up your skin is to improve your digestion. As you may know, a good and healthy digestive system means that your body is able to absorb all the necessary nutrients and eliminate all toxic substances as well.

There are many causes why some people have digestive problems. Moreover, these may indirectly affect your skin since it can show how well your body condition is. Below are the two most common reasons that lead to a poor digestive system:

Dehydration or not enough water intake.

If you fail to drink 8 glasses of water for day, you lack the necessary amount of water needed by the body to flush out all the toxic substances stuck within your body. Also, it is a key component in some of the crucial functions of the cells of the body. So make sure to boost your water intake.

Add more fibre to your diet.

A lot of people lack the necessary amount of fibre in their daily food intake. What they fail to realize in these instances is that these can help boost the movement of food in the body as well as helping to facilitate proper bowel movement.

Add more fibre to your diet by trying to make adjustments in your daily intake. Below are a couple of things you can include in your diet:

Whole grains such as brown rice can be combined with white rice or you could completely change your preference if you wish to do so.

Cauliflowers, beans and legumes can really add colour to your plate as well as providing more fibre.

Eating an apple a day as a healthy snack.

You can also snack on dried fruit, seeds and nuts.

Ground flaxseed can also be bought from health food groceries that you can add to any meal as a side dish.

Improving your circulation can also be considered as a good skin care method since it helps to clear up your skin and prevent the occurrence of acne and other skin conditions. If you tend to sit around for hours in front of a desk, try to take a couple of minutes to walk around just to get that circulation on the go. Aside from short walks, you can also schedule in a massage to get your blood pumping and decrease that stress you feel.

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