While many of the accelerated teaching programs out there were initially created to help fill shortages of employable professionals (shortages have long existed in both specific subject matter, most notably those with advanced science and math skills; and in certain locations, such as in the inner-city school districts.) These programs also provide a great opportunity for those from disadvantaged backgrounds to break into the world of teaching. For these individuals, the traditional routes to getting the proper certification and credentials have presented significant roadblocks due to the hefty time commitment and expense of attending a traditional college or university full time. Alternative teacher certification provides a way for these individuals to break out of their current economic situation, and get a foothold in a highly respected and fulfilling profession.

Alternative routes to teacher's certification and the ability to get accelerated bachelors degrees started in the 80's because of projected teacher shortages, and the program overall has been extremely successful. Most of these certification programs can be completed in five semesters or less, and will allow those enrolled in the program to continue to work - either at their existing job, or in some cases in actual classroom teaching situations - while they are doing the cl[censored] work necessary to complete the curriculum.

Costs vary from school to school, but in almost every case, some sort of financial aid is available for those who need it. Classes are held both in person and online, with teaching labs, and real classroom experience a big part of the curriculum whenever possible. In some programs it is possible for parti[censored] nts to be teaching in classrooms within the first few weeks of the series.

These accelerated bachelors degree programs were designed with busy people in mind. They are custom made for single parents, individuals who cannot afford to stop working while they attend school, and really for any individuals who are short on time and money, but who have a strong desire to teach or simply want to improve their professional situation. These programs are also great for those who already have some college credit, and are looking to return and finish in a relatively short time while not having to sacrifice their current mode of survival.

These non-traditional programs have proven to be a great success, and have helped diversify the teaching profession by admitting more minorities, men, and older candidates than are usually seen pursuing a teaching degree though a traditional university setting.

Since education certifications are state-specific, some states offer their own programs, which tend to be geared towards the specific needs of the residents therein. In any event, if you want to become a teacher, alternative certification programs are an avenue well worth exploring.

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