Making a decision to outsource may be an easy assessment, but analyzing quality deductions and cost, choosing right partners, and building long lasting relationships is a tough task. By the end of the day you should ensure that the decision is profit making for now and the future as well …….

What is outsourcing?

Firstly, outsourcing is not sub-contracting it is restructuring and management. Secondly the company and you should work as a team in achieving the objectives by focusing on the solutions rather than the problems. Besides this, bear in mind that you should outsource only internal embodied function that you are familiar with or are good at. This helps in deciding on what you are today and where you want to be in the future.

What should be taken into consideration before deciding upon outsourcing?

Gauge your core competency. What is it? Design, marketing or delivering? Many are under the impression that manufacturing is the core competency. Sometimes because of a turndown in the industry everything bottoms out everybody tries to expand their product lines. This is when they decide on outsourcing products after considering their core competencies. However, if you are still puzzled how successful this decision would be, you could start with building a firm base by hiring efficient employees and then opt for outsourcing.

How do you get the process moving after opting for outsourcing?

After deciding upon outsourcing it’s time to go out and hunting decent outsourcing organization, which would meet your needs. Many companies outsource and hire advisers in order to maintain a cooperative manpower. However, all business firms do not have an orderly process for choosing products and functions to outsource, selecting a contractor, and executing an agreement. Decide upon who is going to accept which responsibilities and risks, and who will supply what material. This is when you will need the competent skills and expertise of Telegenisys.

Telegenisys India Pvt. Ltd is a well-known outsourcing organization, which gives quality services that are qualified both physically and intellectually. Its primary focus is on providing a wide plethora of BPO - Business Process Outsourcing Services in the area of software design and development, accounting, customer support/call center, inventory management, administration, data entry services, CAD Design Support, research, risk analysis for medium sized enterprises and insurance

Telegenisys - The compelling business proposition

1. Minimized Business Risks

2. Outsourcing Lifecycle

3. Flexible relationship alternatives

4. Fulfilling client needs

5. Uninterrupted operations

6. Connectivity & Network Architecture

7. Skilled talent pool

8. State-of-the-art facilities & infrastructure

Eager to know Who we are? / What we do? / How we do it? / Infrastructure / what exactly sets us apart?

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