A intelligent bride knows that it is possible to be practical without sacrificing beauty and quality. A practical bride is resourceful enough to find ways on how to acquire a beautiful and yet inexpensive gown.

If you want to be a smart and practical bride, here are some of the guidelines on how you can find your dream bridal dress that would not break the bank.

Less is more

Usually it costs more if you want a very elaborated gown with all kinds of extras. That makes sense. So stay within your budget and opt for a simple yet elegant wedding dress. Here is my tip: look for a beautiful bridesmaid dress in a department store and order it in white or cream.

Online adventure

The Internet is not only a convenient venue for shopping, it is also a place abundant with great deals and discounts. Search for wedding gowns and wedding dresses online and visit as many shops as you can. Do not forget to compare prices! Online shops can afford to lower down their prices because they do not have huge overhead expenses like a normal brick and mortar shop that has to pay for employees, space rental fee and so on.

Discount, discount

Discount sales are everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes peeled! Retail store discounts, discontinued items, inventory reduction sales, retail stores closeout, and department stores clearance sales are just some of the many money-saving schemes you can take advantage of when shopping for your wedding gown. Call up the shops in your local area and find out if any of them are holding any discount sales soon. Visit those shops and ask to preview their dresses on sale.

Sew it

Ever thought about getting your fine wedding gown directly from a seamstress? They can create unique and fashionable wedding dresses and most often are more affordable than the big names in fashion and mainstreet bridal boutiques. The best part of it is that you can be sure it will fit perfectly when the big day arrives.

Go Vintage

Buy from vintage shops or borrow your mom's wedding gown. If the dress turns out a little bit too old fashioned for your style, you can have it altered or re-designed. Alteration may be a little costly but it is still lot less expensive than having to buy a brand new gown.

Bridal stores are a magical part of preparing for your wedding day. Just looking at all the veils, tiaras, evening bags, favors and accessories takes your breath away. There are so many ways to decorate yourself and your special day. Before you even consider shopping at bridal stores, decide your wedding theme so you have a place to begin.

More and more brides are taking the smart route. More and more of them are realizing the wonderful fact that you can be smart, practical, and beautiful at the same time, and that wearing an inexpensive but exquisite wedding gown is possible.

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