As a presenter, it is important to capture and continue to engage the attention of your audience throughout your entire presentation.

A very effective way of doing this is to use stories.

Stories have the power of drawing people into your message.

Think about what people love about watching movies. Movies are simply stories about people, enacted in a powerful way.

In the business world, it is similar. There will always be people behind a fact, statistic or number. Go ahead and tell the story of the people behind the fact, statistic or number.


The above is a story telling structure that we are familiar with since we were young. Even in business presentations, we can still apply this simple structure.

Let’s talk about the Steve Job’s story. In 1976, he co-founded Apple. It developed the Macintosh computer and was very successful. Then one day, Steve was fired from Apple. That turned out to be a big mistake, and subsequently Steve was rehired as the CEO in 1996. Today, Steve has turned Apple into the world ’s most valuable technology company, overtaking Microsoft.

Can you see the basic story structure at work?


Stories revolve around people, whether as problem which the audience would want to know CEOs, customers, suppliers or service staff, taking certain actions or making certain decisions.

People are interested in what other people do, and that is why stories (as well as Facebook and Twitter) are so popular.

When you start with a story, people begin to infer something about you or your company.

Hence plan your stories appropriately, and use them to convey important qualities about you, or the values of your company. This is far more powerful than telling customers about your qualifications or the vision and mission of your company in a direct manner.

You can still tell them about your corporate values--after you have told them a values-in-action type of story that demonstrates how your company walks the talk.

A good story leads the listeners to raise questions they want answered. It usually contains a problem which the audience would want to know how it is resolved.

Appealing to the fundamental human nature of curiosity is what makes stories so appealing. It makes the audience captive to your ideas when told through your stories.


A Prime Minister from ancient China was travelling incognito at the countryside one day. He came across two men fighting. During the fight, one of them was injured. The Prime Minister said nothing and moved on with his followers.

Next, his party came across a water buffalo. It was panting heavily. The Prime Minister got very concerned. He started to talk to the villagers about it.

His followers were very puzzled. They asked him why he was not concerned about an injured man, but got worried about a panting buffalo instead.

The Prime Minister said that the injured man, while a serious matter, was under the jurisdiction of the local magistrate. If he got involved in meting out justice, that would be overriding the authority of the magistrate.

On the other hand, the panting buffalo could mean that there was potentially the risk of a drought. If so, that would have widespread implications for the country, as no one had been placed in charge of drought prevention.

Hence he had to take charge and find out about the problem.

What do you think is the lesson for leaders?

James Leong C. Foo, Distinguished Toastmaster, is a gold medallist in public speaking (LAMDA) and Toastmasters International Humourous Speech Champion (PanSEA). He can be reached at jamesleong@visions1.com.sg or http://www.visions1.com.sg
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Most potential investors toy with is a superb starting and running their particular businesses. However, the majority face one key obstacle; the capital. Lack of enough capital get started on a business makes it remain merely a dream because most businesses require a small fortune that cannot be simply ac[censored] ulated through monthly savings as it can take years to spend less enough even to rent the an office space. However, this does not in any way mean that there are no options as you will find there's pool of financial resources a beginning investor can resort to like using Venture Capital.

Just like any financial options at the disposal of many people in need of them, one has to examine the cons and pros and be sure that whatever option they resort to pores and skin look available one for them and will eventually see their business in the hard times. Also labeled as seed or private capital, venture capital is usually useful to assist ventures that get high potential of growth. These companies may can?t you create the prerequisite requirements to acquire the conventional bank lending products. They may not include the years, the shareholders and securities which can be usually demanded by the banks to search for the loans.

In most instances, these start ups are needed to avail the venture funds company with some info the sharing of the gains to be generated through the company by granting the investment capital company the equity inside the company. These funds are however demanding to be acquired since several applicants see their applications rejected for just one reason or the many other. To evade being turned down, the borrowing company should have a well defined business plan that has got to project high returns within five years. Failure to capture this approach well and detailing coherent strategies designed to lead to the realization of these targets will definitely trigger being turned down, however huge the business enterprise dream may be.

One of the many key advantages of capital raising is the availability of management consultants with the venture capital company that will the startup manage it's activities professionally. You may have that entrepreneurial skills but you don't have guarantee that you undoubtedly are a good manager. These companies provides their consultants to see you started since you put your team into position. It saves time.

Many startup companies may have insufficient knowledge of your prevailing market situations. Venture capital companies possess expert business consultants who is going to advise the beginner on how to find the way around in that particular niche to recognise reasonable profitability. This helps reduce a risks of losses on account of ignorance of the sector.

Any startup requires the best human capital to push the firm forward. Venture capital firms have HR consultants which can be brought on board during hiring. This guarantees competent staff up to speed to propel the company to success. Another benefit can be a pool of other resources that investment capital companies can bring aboard to handle legal, payroll and tax issues as being the company grapples to have its very own.

It is a proven fact that companies that have opted to make use of venture capital resources stand a greater chance of succeeding within their respective fields more than homeowners who don???t. All that is required is to have a convincing and realistic business plan or else, your application may be turned down.

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This is an interesting article for all music lovers who are music lovers who not only enjoy listening to great music but also want to update themselves with the latest technology. Here we go one step beyond making latest technology reach you. We guide on how to listen to your ipod through your radio. For all people who were thinking that it is not possible this article counters your idea. So just read to know how it happens

Also we discuss the things needed to listen to ipod through radio. The radio need not be your property. Just that the distance between ipod and radio should be less. Few funny things also take place when this happens. People show varied reactions when the radio station shows change all of a sudden.

Let’s get into the matter. Here is a list of things which we need to keep ready before starting the work. They are Frequency modulation transmitter, ipod and of course our radio. Before starting with the procedure we should not get confused with one thing. We focus our attention here in this article on guiding how to listen to ipod through radio. The other way is also possible that is the radio feature can be switched or turned on in our ipod. Interesting isn't it? But we don't discuss that in our article. Here we go to the 3 important and simple steps.

First step we use the frequency modulation transmitter. Before that we need to know its function. It is mainly used for broadcasting of songs and our favorite music to a radio that is available. So this itrip transmitter is a must. We won’t be able to do this job without having one.

Next question that arises in our mind is where to make a purchase of that. It’s as simple as doing any on line shopping for dress or any other thing. We just need to browse through good search engines. Ample information is available about dealers who deal with it. We can even compare prices from different shops and make the best purchase on line. There are many reliable sites to sell this FM transmitter.

After making the purchase of transmitter locates the antenna of the radio. This antenna should be exposed on the frequency modulation itrip transmitter.

Next step is even simpler. Every ipod has a music library in which we store some of our favorite music and songs downloaded from elsewhere. Take the ipod in hands. Browse through the options to find the music library. It is opened and now the music and songs of the ipod are made to be broad casted on any radio to which we are near. We would be able to enjoy listening songs from ipod even through any other radio that is not ours but is present at a smaller distance from where we are there. The job is done. Looks very simple? Then it’s worth giving a try on our own without anyone's help.

Thus we have learnt how to listen to your ipod through your radio

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Anti-Aging Habits That Promote Healthy Skin

There are quite a few steps you can take that have an anti aging effect on your skin. There are many processes that happen when we get older and just one of which is your skin is not as supple. Our life in today's world throws so many things at your skin that it is a wonder that your skin holds up as well as it does. If you want to be healthy and have nice skin, then the following anti aging skin care discussion will be valuable.

Stress can be a leading culprit in the aging appearance of your skin. When stress is out of control, it triggers certain hormones in your body, and this can contribute to a variety of skin problems, such as acne or anything else you might be prone to. There are many other ways in which stress can contribute to your body's aging. Due to the shallow breathing that oftentimes accompanies stress, the amount of oxygen available for your body is restricted. Getting rid of stress may not be the easiest thing to do, but it is possible and worthwhile. There are many things you can do to eliminate stress from your life. Learn body relaxation techniques, practice meditation, get enough gentle exercise, watch funny movies and learn to laugh again, and spend time outdoors appreciating nature. If all of this doesn't help, seek the advice of a stress counselor.

These days exercise is stressed for a number of reasons; mostly for weight reduction and a healthier being. Exercise can have a positive impact on your skin. The more active you are, the healthier your skin and complete body will be as a result. By exercising and getting wet with sweat; we are actually detoxifying our body. The more time you can spend outdoors, the more apt you will be to stay fit and trim. Without staying active, you will not burn the unwanted calories that can cause excess weight and your skin may gain an older look about it.

Some of the most important anti aging steps we can take towards our skin are simple things we do daily. The care you take when washing your face is one example. It's pretty standard to gently wash your face in the morning and evening. Learn to read the labels when you are purchasing any product that you will use on your skin. Try to find products with natural ingredients and avoid any with harsh chemicals. This also pertains to the products you use to wash your clothes and dish washing liquids. And, be gentle when you are using a cloth on your skin. Don't rub and scrub hard. After your face is clean, it's a good idea to moisturize it with a natural moisturizer. Coconut oil is really getting popular because of the softness it imparts to your skin. And olive oil has always been good for healthy skin. As you learn different anti-aging steps to apply to your own skin, it will become obvious that a lot of what you do is based on common sense. Your daily routines will be the major factor in the health and look of your skin. This includes the food you eat, your amount of exercise, and the purity of the beauty products you put on your skin. Use skin care products that work for your type of skin, and if you're not sure what the best ones to use are, it's always best to consult with a dermatologist.

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The word technology itself means creating, modifying, using and utilizing the knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems and other methods of organizing in order to fix up a problem with a unique solution. Apple products prices though pretty high but you must not put yourself off due to price factor as Apple is undoubtedly a well-known company when it comes to latest technology that is cutting-edge and something that everyone one of us would like to possess.

Apple Inc. is known as one of the top computers and gadgets creating company in the market today. It keeps on launching with new Apple product in the market. Today it won’t be a false statement if you say that Apple is the king of technology. Apple Mac Pro is one such advent of technology by Apple Inc. the Mac pro is an Intel Xeon based work station computer manufactured by Apple Inc. Mac Pro in most configurations is the fastest and the most powerful computers that Apple offers.

It is one of the desktop computers in the current Macintosh lineup. And the other two lined up are Mac mini and new iMac. The latest version of Mac pro resembles the latest version of the Power Mac G5 and has alike technical aspects and capacities. One of the great things about Apple Mac pro is that it is highly expandable. You can easily as new hard drives, memory, video cards etc. This machine is compatible with both solid state drives and ATA hard drives. An Apple Mac pro machine can be of single processor as well as dual processor. It could be Quad-core or 6-core Intel Xeon or two 6-cores Intel Xeon respectively. It can be easily expanded up to 12 core processors.

The two processors support hyper-threading technology. This type of technology allows two threads to run simultaneously on each of the six cores. The performance of the machine is highly updated and expanded due to hyper threading functioning technology; this technology enables the processors to make proper utilization of the execution resources in each core. Over the years new apple product have not only perfected hardware in functionality and designing of the machine but it has even managed to create a wonderful option for the tech savvy users. Apple has always been an ideal tech producer for other tech producing companies throughout the world.

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