The hammer sharks are the emblematic specie of Galapagos Marine Reserve; however, they are part of the threatened species, according to the Red List of the World Union for the Nature (UICN).

With acoustic radars in the dorsal fins, scientists try to decipher the migratory movements of the hammer shark, one of the threatened species of the Galapagos. The singular form of its head accused them. To few distance meters the marine investigators of the Scientific Station Charles Darwin identified hammer sharks in waters of the Ecuadorian archipelago. The mission was not easy. They had to place in the dorsal fins of the fish acoustic radar to follow their rake and this way to know where exactly they live and they reproduce and feed. Dresses with diving suits and with out oxygen tank, the biologists dove in search of these marine predators, those that maintain the balance in the ecosystem and have stayed in this habitat for more than 450 million years almost with out changing This project of monitoring the movements of the hammer shark in Galapagos, gathered the efforts of scientific of the Charles Darwin Foundation, Galapagos Nationa Park l (PNG) and of non-government organizations as International Conservation and the University of Stanford in California. Also, the plan sinks to other similar ones executed before in the island of Malpelo (Colombia), recently declared Natural Patrimony; and in the island of the Coconut (Costa Rica).

The hammer sharks are the emblematic specie of Galapagos Marine Reserve; however, they are part of the threatened species, according to the Red List of the World Union for the Nature (UICN). In the sea, the plungers usually find dead sharks without fins. In the ten days of the expedition for the project, the biologists went to islands like Darwin and Wolf, where the presence of these sharks is more frequent, to apply the radars. As part of this project, some radar was applied to some whale sharks and marine turtles. International conservation, for example, in Ecuador it contributed with 15 thousand dollars for the acoustic radars (it cost 300 dollars each one), while the PNG and Charles Darwin Foundation collaborated with the boat, the expenses of the trip and the whole personnel.

In total, about $ 50.000 US dollars have been invested in the project in the whole region. It is important to extend this project to the entire marine region because the species use this area as a natural corridor. The Corridor is an international ecological initiative that gathers the support of environmental donors to conserve the marine resources of four countries: Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia and Ecuador, this last one was pioneer of the creation of the same one, but until today it is the only one that has not confirmed their participation. Besides knowing if there is interrelation among species of one and another country, this project will determine in what places there is bigger abundance of sharks, what will benefit to the diving tourism. For the fishing sector, it will also be important. For example, if it is detected that a shark spends nine months in Galapagos and it travels fifteen days to Malpelo and stays there, that means that it would not be necessary the protection of the sea among these two places.

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Professionals today are well aware of the wide range of opportunities available for them for growth and constantly strive to improve and enhance their skills in order to scale greater heights in the corporate world. The security of a job or the monetary incentives no longer serve as big enough motivations for employees to stick to one company; they aspire to achieve greater insights in their field of interest and assume key responsibilities at their workplace. For this end, they need to upgrade their skills from time to time and keep pace with the latest techniques in their trade. But time constraints can, sometimes, act as a major demoralizing factor for professionals who wish to pursue their studies further without leaving their jobs.

Executive Programs can be regarded as a great opportunity for fast track learning as they encomp[censored] all the qualities of traditional learning method and also present the advantage of learning at one's own place and pace. Such a program helps an individual rise up to the demands of the industry of his/her choice and keep abreast with all the new techniques, problem solving methods and happenings in the industry. The course that one opts for serves as a gateway to new opportunities and corporate growth.It provides an executive with understanding of new challenges faced by the industry and important tactics for overcoming these challenges by understanding the entire scope of businesses and current markets.

The easiest and most convenient mode for enhancing one's skill set today is through the internet. All that one needs to do is select an apt course (there are a number of courses offered by top and most reputed colleges in the country), apply and reap the benefits of being taught by a set of exceptionally talented faculty, known for its credentials in the field of education and the industry as well. For instance, an online MBA is the most sought after executive education program for professionals who wish to climb the corporate ladder and rise to the managerial level in a comparatively easier manner at a faster pace.

An online degree can be earned by spending a lot less than what is generally spent for a regular degree. Nonetheless, the advantages of degree remain same. With advancement in technology and modern learning methods, online learning in India has become more interactive and po[censored] r among people of all ages. There are a number of online education portals that offer online registration and direct admission in the reputed colleges. These education consultants have made the job of choosing the best course and applying for the same easier for individuals. More and more professionals are registering themselves for executive programs in order to give a boost as well as a new direction to their careers.

For queries relating to Online MBA and executive programs, get in touch with us at http://www.mentorindia.com

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As a recovering workaholic/perfectionist, not to mention having delusions-of-superhero syndrome, I'm first to tell you the road to recovery isn't easy. It's fraught with obstacles and U-turns just waiting to send you right back to where you started.

But I'm also here to tell you that it DOES get easier. And the rewards of staying on the path are well worth it.

So, what are some steps you can take to get yourself on the road to recovery? Here are 3 to get you started.

1. Value your time off. Because if you don't value it, it won't happen.

It's kind of like exercise. We all know we should exercise regularly, but what sets apart the people who actually DO it versus talk about it? It's their mindset.

People who don't exercise regularly say things like "I really should start" or "Tomorrow I'll start my exercise program." People who do exercise regularly don't talk about it, they're out there doing it.

I used to not exercise regularly. I used to spend my time talking about how I should start exercising rather then actually getting off the couch and working up a sweat. But for the last 18 months or so, I've been exercising between 5 and 7 days a week, every week (except when I'm traveling, but I get myself back into my routine as quickly as possible).

What changed? My attitude.

I decided this was something I needed to do for myself. Once I started valuing it, then I started doing it.

So if you find yourself saying "Yeah, I really should take a weekend off" or "One of these days I need to take a vacation" then I can tell you right now it's not going to happen. Because it's not something you value.

2. Treat yourself well -- You deserve it. Ladies, you're going to know what I'm talking about, I'm not sure about my gentleman readers. For years, I used to buy the cheapest disposable razors to shave my legs. And for years I used to constantly nick my legs with those razors. My legs would start stinging in the shower, and then I would have to dredge up a Kleenex to sop up the blood before I got it all over the floor or on my towel.

Needless to say, shaving was one of my least favorite activities.

Then, about a year and a half ago, I got a razor in the mail. One of those name brand ones. The company sent it to me as promotional stunt.

So I decided to try it. And what a difference. No cuts, no nicks, no stinging and (best yet) no blood.

Now you're probably wondering where on earth I'm going with this. I'll tell you.

The reason why I bought those cheap razors was because I didn't think it mattered. Even though I hated them, hated shaving, hurt myself constantly, I told myself the cheap cost of the razors was worth it. Why pay that extra few bucks for a name brand razor? I could suffer through a few cuts and burns. It wasn't a big deal.

But really what I was telling myself (and the universe) was that I wasn't worth an extra couple bucks for a name brand razor. I wasn't worth an extra couple of bucks to not hurt myself.

So how do you think the universe responded? Simple -- I wasn't attracting the kind of money I wanted because I wasn't worth it. And what I WAS attracting was more sickness, exhaustion, burnout, stress, etc. Because it was "okay" for me to suffer.

In the last couple of years, I have completely changed my attitude about how I treat myself. But (and this is an important but) it's not just about spending money on myself -- it's also about taking time for myself. The razors are just one part of it. I also get regular massages each month. Why? Because when I didn't, I was in pain a lot. Spending hours hunched over my computer writing is murder on my back and chest.

But I also take time each day to exercise and stretch. Those don't cost me anything except time. And again, by doing this, I feel better and look better.

So what are YOU denying yourself? I'm not talking about spending money you don't have or putting yourself in debt or avoiding the tasks you really need to do. I'm talking about the little indulgences we tell ourselves we don't need when, in truth, they're exactly what we need.

Maybe you love real cream in your coffee, but you constantly buy that white powder junk because it's cheaper. And you tell yourself it doesn't matter.

But it does matter.

How much money are you REALLY saving by not buying real cream for your coffee? Is it enough to suffer the consequences of telling yourself and the universe you aren't worth the real stuff?

Or maybe your indulgence is putting that coffee into a pretty cup, not a chipped mug with that ugly corporate logo on it. Or maybe it's allowing yourself 10 minutes to sit outside and enjoy that coffee, rather then gulping it down while you get ready for work.

(And I have a secret to share. When I started treating myself better directly coincides with my income going up.)

3. Hire a coach. If, as you're reading this, you're seeing a little too much of yourself, and worse yet, you don't know how to fix it, then it might be time to hire a coach.

A coach can help you shift your mindset so you DO start to value yourself and your time off. The right coach can also help you when your business starts taking off.

But above all, remember Rome wasn't built in a day. If you're used to always putting yourself second, changing your perspective isn't going to be easy. So be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to take baby steps. A few indulgences here and there. Eventually it will get easier.

Michele PW (Michele Pariza Wacek) owns Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC, a copywriting, marketing communications and creativity agency. Visit her site at http://www.michelepw.com. Copyright 2006 Michele Pariza Wacek.
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In today's post of Html-Expert, I want to express and share my true feeling to the entire globe. I am in true love. Yes! I fall in love with youngest family member of well-recognized HTML markup family: HTML5.... I just love HTML5

I am pretty sure that everyone is well aware with HTML which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language; it is the predominant markup language that has successfully survived so long throughout all programming frameworks as a building block of website pages development. The process of converting image from Photoshop to XHTML markup language to create a fully accessible web portal is called PSD to HTML conversion. You can’t escape from this step when it comes to website development. It’s pre-requisite.

Narrowing down the discussion towards HTML Family, I would now like to introduce everyone with its members. The family is blessed with many versions namely XHTML, HTML 2.0, HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0, HTML 4.01 and most popular version of its series, HTML5 (touched our heart)…

Now, I would like to tell you things that I get excited most about HTML5 which are as follows:

#1) Audio and Video API:

HTML5 provides full support of built-in media through its new elements: < audio > and < video > allow you to display video along with sound on the web browser without adding any plugins. It has become possible only because of functional APIs that help in controlling media display.

#2) Layout Tags:

The HTML5 comes with many useful tags that help in efficient structuring of markups. By using HTML5, you can easily define sections of your website pages as a layout area without applying < div > tag which means the < nav > tag for navigation and the tag header.

#3) Canvas API:

Earlier, web designers and web developers are used to take an advantage of frameworks like Flash, Silverlight and others when it comes to create pictures for a website. However, this problem has been solved with the launch of HTML5 Canvas Tag that allows you to create attractive graphics for web page by using JavaScript. By using the canvas element, you can create adding images, paths, circles, boxes and characters. Professionals are using the HTML5 Canvas Tag for creating graphs, image composition, games and animations.

Besides that, you can also optimize images by using HTML5 Canvas. Images are consider as the heaviest component of websites which affect web portal loading speed and therefore, you are required to optimize image so it can download quickly on the web browsers.

#4) Form System:

The latest version of HTML markup language has bring some relief to the web designers and web developers engaged in creating forms as well as user filling forms. HTML5 comes as a true savior to all those designers and developers who are facing difficulty in form validation process. Form validation is a simple process of the enforcement of required fields in order to protect and stop a form from being submitted without entering any text into it. Now, it can be done with great ease.

input type = " text " … required /

All you need to add the required attribute to an input, select or text area element. Thanks to HTML5!

#5) Geolocation API:

A Geolocation API is a new feature of HTML5 for geographical information enables you in detecting location of the users from where they are accessing websites. Say goodbye to the traditional method of detecting the users' location via IP address. Using the HTML5 Geolocation API helps you to boost your website quality. Good news is that all the major browsers are supporting the Geolocation API feature.

#6) Additions to Semantic Elements:

The two new tags < section > and < article > are the major addition to the HTML5 great set of functionalities replacing semantically meaningless < div > tags. The < article > element helps in wrapping the entire article and the comments whereas the < section > element comes to developers as another great spec of HTML5 enables document structuring and portability. You can have multiple sections within articles or vice-versa.

#7) Semantic Headers & Footers Elements:

While coding Photoshop to Html, web developers pay more attention towards semantic codes . Considering the problems of semantic codes, HTML5 introduced two other elements < header > and < footer > that can be used marking up a website's header and footer instead of often-used traditional method < div id = " header " >, < div id = " footer " > or similar which are nothing semantically.


While this summarizes everything I liked the most about HTML5. However, there are many other new and useful features introduced in HTML5 open to take full advantage. I highly recommend browsing through all those specs and starts enjoying the benefits of all new elements as soon as possible.

We are one of the global services provider of Photoshop to html conversion services. Send your designs to us and we convert Psd to Xhtml in 8 biz hours. See http://Html-Experts.com
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A lot of people seem to think that getting pregnant is a very easy thing to do. And it is..for some that is. We all heard stories about pregnancy marvels, about how a couple who has been trying for years to have a baby suddenly gives up and then boom! she gets pregnant. Or how another couple have been suffering a miscarriage after a miscarriage, only to get a successful pregnancy after they were both emotionally scarred and beaten to a pulp. We could never know when one would get pregnant; it could be in the first try for some or maybe a few years after, and for others, maybe none at all. All we could do is too keep our bodies and minds healthy so that we could create an ideal place for the little one to grow in.

Tip number 1: Discontinue your contraceptives. This is pretty obvious, for if you are still on the pill, or on the patch pr whatever form of contraceptive you are using, you obviously will not pregnant. But do not expect to become pregnant immediately. Each woman’s body responds differently to different stimuli. Your contraceptives act on your body’s hormone production, so for others, discontinuing their contraceptives might result in a sudden influx of hormones that would get them pregnant immediately. For some, it might take a while before you body reverts to its natural pre-contraceptive state, so it might take them longer to conceive.

Tip number 2: Eat and live healthy. A strong and healthy body is the ideal environment for a fetus to grow, therefore a strong and healthy woman is essential to conceiving and nurturing such a fetus. In order to be strong and healthy, one must watch what they eat. Like what our mothers used to say, eat your vegetables, they are good for you. And they are right too. Keeping an ideal body weight is essential to hormone production in your body. It has been proven by numerous research and studies that underweight and overweight women have more difficulty in conceiving than women with normal body weights.

Tip number 3: Take note of the days that you ovulate. Women have fertile and infertile days, and the chances of getting pregnant while trying on to conceive on fertile days are significantly and greatly higher than those on infertile days. It may be quite taxing for a couple to put their intimate time on schedule, but if the couple is determined to have a baby together, no schedule would ruin their relationship. You could note your ovulation periods by taking note of your basal body temperature for it will be slightly increased when you are ovulating than on normal days. Also, having great understanding of your menstrual period will aid you greatly in your quest to have a baby.

There are many other tips and tricks out there that you could use, but these are the top three most popular and most effective. If you are still not pregnant after you have followed all those tips, calm down, it may take a while longer for you than it did for others. The main thing to remember here is that you have to be both physically and mentally healthy and all good things of pregnancy marvels will come in their own good time. And that is why they are called pregnancy marvels for we can never really fully understand them.

Jane sure loves Pregnancy Marvels. She is also a mother and knows a thing or two about pregnancy. She also gives out advice on Getting Pregnant After 40.
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