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How to Unlock PSP and Install Homebrew

Technology Articles | March 4, 2010

If you're a big fan of the Sony PSP like I am, chances are you want to be able to access all of it's locked features. I think it's an awesome portable gaming system and I know I would be bored a lot of the time if I didn't have one. However, I've also spent a lot of money on purchasing new games since I got my PSP. I knew there was a method to unlock the system so you could play copied games, so I began looking online for how to unlock PSP consoles. If you're also looking for a way to unlock your PSP, follow along as I tell you what I learned and how I eventually figured out how to do it.

The first place I checked was some of the various gaming forums that I regularly visit. A lot of people on those forums were talking about modding your PSP with a mod chip. I never had experience with this before and I knew it also voided your warranty so I wanted to find another way.

The other option that I saw being discussed was downloading a certain application that you can install onto your PSP and it will unlock it for you without you ever having to install a mod chip or open up the console. This seemed like the perfect solution for someone like me. The only problem here was that everyone's directions were unclear and it seemed like each person had his or her own special way to teach you how to unlock PSP. On top of that, there were so many different sites with different software applications that I really had no clue which one to use.

Finally, I found the perfect solution when a friend of mine told me about a site that he used to unlock his PSP. He said that the instructions were very clear and it gave you the exact application you needed to install in your system. There wasn't 20 different options like people on the forums were talking about, but rather just one and it worked perfectly. On top of that, it came with a guide that walked you through the entire process so you don't get lost while figuring out how to unlock PSP.

Along with showing you how to unlock PSP, when you become a member of this site, you also get access to many more features that you will enjoy. You will be able to get emulators that allow you to play games from other consoles, and you will get access to imported games, homebrew applications, and much more. All this for free when you become a member.

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My first non-newspaper sale was to be to a religious magazine. I wrote a query letter about how I wanted to write about new ways to honor the Sabbath in our busy lives. I planned to write about families who refused to join sports teams that practiced and played on Sundays, modern people looking to the traditions of generations past of doing no cooking or housework on that day, and ways to find a day of rest in the middle of the week for those in professions that required them to work Sundays.

Instead of giving a list of points I wished to cover, I wrote about the Bible study class I taught for years and how we learned new ways to honor the Sabbath during the course's 34 weeks of meetings as a way of selling myself to the editor. I added in something about my own busy life, and that I wrote for a few newspapers. I did not mention that I had pulled the magazine's name out of a book on markets and never heard of it before then.

I received a letter that asked me to write the piece on spec.

What I turned in and what they expected were two different things. I wrote about new ways to feel the Sabbath in your heart, and to incorporate that feeling through the week. I encouraged embracing new ways to include old ways of worshipping. The editor's response was a form letter stating that my piece was inappropriate for their magazine. Only later when I read a copy of the magazine did I realize that it was quite conservative in its approach to religion.

All this could have been averted if I had read the magazine and not just the magazine's guidelines, and if I had included an outline in my query letter.

The query letter is your sales tool. What you include in the letter should only be your best so that editors cannot turn down you or your idea. You know your own writing successes and professional background as it suits your pitch, but how much other information should you include in an outline.

For your outline, think in short, salient points. If you are pitching an article on healthful eating in the summer time, you will want to include:

Resources for your nutrition information

Nutritionists, doctors, chefs you will interview

Names and brief descriptions of recipes that will be included

If you are pitching an article on 25 tips on growing roses, include all 25 tips in their short form:

Best protection in winter,

Trimming tips,

When to fertilize

Experts you'll quote

How you'll break down the quotes: into seasonal tasks, regional

requirements, for beginners

If you are writing a query for creating a playgroup, your outline could take the form of:

Getting started – classified ads, news releases, flyers

First meeting – choose time, places, snacks or no snacks, parents night out

Sample activities – fingerpainting, making snacks, outdoor games, music

Sample snacks – cheese and crackers, fruits and dips, English muffin pizzas

What not to do – Avoid foods that can choke, sugary snacks, leaving children alone, meeting in homes that are not childproofed.

In all cases, the outline will be a part of the query. You will still introduce your topic, why this particular magazine's readers will swoon over your article, and why you are the person to write it. The outline adds depth to your query and allows you to avoid any misunderstandings that will get your article dropped. And adding an outline to the body of your pitch letter when the guidelines do not specifically request one will show the editor that you are going to be one of those blessed writers that makes life easier for editors.

Sign up now for the free ezine, Food Writing, at http://www.foodwriting101.com . Publisher Pamela White is the author of Make Money as a Food Writer available at http://amazon.com, and she continues to teach the first online Food Writing class and a course on Query Letter Secrets.
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It used to be said that if rosemary flourishes in the garden, then the woman wears the pants in the house.

It used to be said that if rosemary flourishes in the garden, then the woman wears the pants in the house. Whether that is true or not, a flourishing rosemary tree is an asset to any home.

Rosmarinus Officinalis is one of the most aromatic, beautiful, and useful of herbs. You can use rosemary in the kitchen, the bathroom, even the bedroom; for cologne, cosmetics, simple home remedies and delicious home cooked meals.

Rosemary deserves a place in any well stocked herb garden and is easy to grow. The best position for rosemary is a well drained spot that receives full sun. Rosemary grows well along paths, or anywhere that encourages visitors to brush up against it, releasing the wonderful aromatic fragrance into the garden.

Rosemary is steeped in lore and legend. It is associated with remembrance, and the heady fragrance helps sharpen concentration. If you start feeling stale and tired, and lose concentration, try sniffing a sprig of rosemary, or keep a piece of cotton wool soaked in rosemary oil near your work station to dab on your temples. This will soothe a headache.

One of the most famous uses for rosemary is Hungary Water. First used by Queen Isabella of Hungary, an invalid who claimed it made her feel young again, Hungary Water is simply made by steeping rosemary flowers and leaves in vodka for a month. Other essences, such as rosewater and orange flower water can be added, in which case it can be used as a skin tonic.

If you don't want to use alcohol, you can steep the rosemary in equal parts of witch hazel and rosewater, or orange flower water. Put some in a small spray bottle and keep it in the fridge for an instant lift on a hot day. Use this gentle lotion as a skin tonic and you will see why the Queen of Hungary was so taken with it.

Medicinally, rosemary is used to treat headaches and lift the spirits. If you have a lot of study to do, or a heavy workload, rosemary tea will help keep you fresh and focused. If you love sport, try steeping rosemary sprigs in a bottle of almond or sunflower oil. Leave the bottle in the sun for a week or two and use it to massage sore muscles and sprains.

Mediterranean woman have long used rosemary to keep their hair dark and beautiful. A simple rinse of rosemary leaves steeped in hot water (cool before use) makes a wonderful conditioning rinse for brown or dark hair. Rosemary stimulates the scalp and is helpful for hair loss.

Most people know that rosemary is the right herb for cooking lamb, and it certainly makes the best roast lamb you've ever tasted. Simply cut deep slits in the roast and insert rosemary leaves with slivers of garlic before cooking for a sweet, tender roast.

But rosemary can also be added to soups and stews to give them extra flavor and goodness, or worked into bread dough to make a delicious accompaniment to any meal. Adding rosemary to a meal aids digestion, which is why it traditionally accompanies rich meats such as lamb.

To store dried rosemary for future use, harvest the long sprigs well after the sun has risen, when the dryness and warmth makes the aromatic oils at their most fragrant. Tie the sprigs in bunches and dry them in an airing closet or hang them in muslin bags in the open.

When the needlelike leaves are dry they can be easily rubbed off the sprigs. That's all you need to do
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If you are looking for a mark to take care of all your needs, when it comes to cut-rate posted wear for all your kids, you need not look any farther. Here at Pure and Honest Kids, Claesens is one of the most popular wear brands, and it is a greatest seller in Europe as well. A intellect for that is, Claesens wares are top superior, trendy, very forge bound yet, cheap at the same time. You know what they say, “if it voices too good to be sure, it probably is”, that is the same sentience you get when you look at the general array usable from the Claesens wearable collecting.

Think the Claesens is one of the most popular wear brands clothing solicitation, for a grand form of apparels for your small girl. There are many selections to go for, by taking a look at the clean selection you will be able to know just what you need. Like the Claesens classic Brown Flowers Shirt, the conception is so Claesens, with is certain styling, this is a latest top that will go perfectly with most of her wardrobe. It has a pure cotton finish with a funky look, and is easy fresh as well; making this Claesens shirt a achiever hands down.

There is also a great kind of boy’s apparels to prefer from, here at Pure and Honest Kids, but the Claesens Boy wear accumulation, rattling does standout. Like this Gray Guitar top and pant set, that is just only trendy and city-like and with your sons love for music and air guitar, there is no way he is not going to thumb for this. Again, made out of pure cotton, this is a super homely fit out to get into, and with a little position to go with it, he is going to fly high with this Claesens top and pant set.

The Claesens Baby Girl wear collection has many details you just have to have. Like the simply endearing Aqua Dots Top by Claesens. Talk about setting a trend, this is a hot smaller top, that is stylish and wide, and you do not come across too many of those. Your little baby is going to be the nuclear of attending everywhere she goes in this just wonderful top, and you can be sure she will be enjoying every minute of it. Coming in the classic Claesens Aqua dotted design, this baby girl top is a must buy.

Incase you want something easy and simple for your baby boy, the Grass Green Stripes Pajama Romper, from the Claesens Baby Boy wear solicitation, is all you need. With its soft cotton feel, your baby will be very bright in it, and it is clear for everyday wear, taking the fact that it is machine wash-and-wear and made to last with the Claesens brand name name on it. usable in grass green with olive colored stripes, you will just love it, and so will he.

These are just some of the many Claesens wearable Cartesian products you can get, here at Pure and Honest Kids; you will find the complete motley of Claesens wear.

Claesens Baby Girl wear collection only at http://www.pureandhonestkids.com/
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I was outside pulling some weeds this morning in the front yard. It's frustrating to have to go out every week, pulling the weeds just to have other sprout up in their place. And I realized that my problem is that I am pulling the larger weeds out, but the smaller ones that are harder to see are left to grow. Those are the ones for next week!!

That's a lot like the many problems we face as leaders. Every day there are several fire drills that we deal with. The one's that have the most impact to our performance or the “loudest” one tend to get the immediate attention. But what about those 'small weeds' or smaller issues that are out there. Left alone, those issues tend to grow and become next week's big weed.

Let's say that you manage 15 people. All 15 have specific start and end times to their shift. The majority of your team honors the start and end times, and overall you do not have a major issue with the service level your team provides. But you do have 2 people that tend to be the last ones in the office and usually the first ones to leave. A closer look will tell you that they are a few minutes late, and leave a few minutes early. It's not effecting the team or your customers 'yet', but you notice that each week the times grow by small amounts.

So how does this example grow into larger weeds? Well two issues here. One, you can see the trend that the 2 team members continue to add time to each side of their shift, and will eventually be 10-20 minutes late each day and leave early by several minutes. The trend says it will become a problem, so you have to stop the trend, as it will have a negative impact on service levels at that point.

The second issue, and a much more significant one, is these 'weeds' will eventually start to grow new, smaller weeds. You will soon have a patch of weeds and it will take a lot of effort to remove them. In other words, for the 13 team members that are working the times they are supposed to, they begin to see that this behavior of being late and leaving early is acceptable. One day they have an issue and would really like to be home just a few minutes early. Or the get out of bed late, but realize that even if they do take the time to stop for coffee on the way, you won't care. Now you have many people on your team coming and going at times that are outside the required shift, and the level of service has tanked!!

So the moral of this story is to be aware every day of the small weeds that may be growing. When someone does show up just a few minutes late, make sure you acknowledge it by asking if everything is OK. You're not angry, just sending a subtle message that you are aware, and it can't become a habit. This will product a great performing team that respects you and those around them. And, you won't be pulling weeds week after week.

Certified Coach, successful leader, and owner of the new leader training and mentoring site http://LeadershipMentor.com
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