Home is Where the Hearth Is

To anyone whose home has a fireplace or who has been in a home that features a fireplace, the warmth that a fireplace adds to the room and the ambiance cannot be denied. The room inevitably becomes a hub, a meeting place for interaction, comfort and activity. Tea is sipped, coffee is enjoyed, games are played and conversation is held there. Its appeal is universal.

Of course, cooking over an open flame is also another benefit. Making s'mores or popping popcorn is a wonderful way to spend a family evening. For the Christmas season, hanging stockings on the mantle is a delightful tradition that children never forget the enjoyment of.

It's no coincidence that homes that feature a fireplace are more appealing to home buyers. The inherent human affinity for a fireplace comes from a long history of gathering in front of an open flame for warmth and companionship. From the early ancestral days of the caveman to the modern-day man-cave, the inviting warmth of an open fire has never lost its allure.

A Few Major Changes

In the year 1678, Prince Rupert, a nephew of King Charles I, made the first real improvements on the fireplace. He raised the fireplace grate off the ground, which greatly improved the venting and the airflow. Later in the same century, Ben Franklin decided a convection chamber would improve the fireplace even more, which it did.

Still later in the same century, Count Rumford designed one with a shallow but tall firebox. That model proved to be better at drawing the smoke up and outward. It also significantly increased the amount of radiant heat being projected. That design is fundamentally the fireplace we know today.

Contemporary fireplaces may be constructed of other materials than the traditional brick or stone. They can also be fashioned from metal or concrete. What's more, they can be fueled with alternative materials other than traditional wood, fuels such as propane, biomass, or natural gas.

In fact, some units are portable. They can be moved from room to room. The charm of a fireplace can be taken from the living room to the bedroom without a problem.

There are outdoor fireplaces, as well. The outside versions are popular for fall, winter and spring barbeques. They provide an opportunity to chat and drink a hot cocoa or other beverage on the patio in frosty weather.

Two Phases Equals Twice the Heat

As far as contemporary, indoor fireplaces go, wood-burning masonry constructed fireplaces are extremely effective and popular. They usually feature a large fire window, which enables a two-phase heating process.

The first heating phase is when the fire is actually burning. During this phase, the refractory bricks within the fireplace absorb heat as radiant heat passes through the glass window.

During the second phase, that absorbed heat radiates for hours and warms up the air surrounding the unit. Depending on the temperature outside the fireplace, 1 or 2 firings daily can maintain a constant room temperature.

No matter which style of fireplace you go with, you can't beat a romantic fireplace for feeling like you're really home.

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Just what is so special about the Showtime Professional Rotisserie Grill. Read more of the article to find out and get some great information on how to get Low Prices on Showtime Rotisseries.

Folks often solicit, what makes the Showtime Professional Rotisserie Grill so unique. Well, I’m here to convey to you what the buzz is all about regarding the Showtime Professional Rotisserie Grill.

To me, the most significant edge is the size because it is a monster of a rotisserie oven/grill. And, one can grill ordinary sized meats 2, 3 or 4 at a time in this grill. Consider taking on, for example, a basic three-and-half pound chicken that's arranged in a typical sized rotisserie, and may only allocate 1 additional chicken of equal size.

And yet, in the Showtime Professional Rotisserie Grill, one could properly set a total of 4 chickens of the very same size and roast with comfort and ease. Because, as Ron Popeil often declares, 'You can just set it and forget it'. Literally!

Along with the chickens, you can prepare enough hot dogs and sausages at one time to feed a baseball team, roast 2 roast beefs side-by-side and roast a 24 pound turkey in lower than 3 hours! Speak about some savory eating and in such large quantities!

Yet another novel feature of the Showtime Professional Rotisserie Grill, is the resource to run it outdoors. Yes, an individual may get the Showtime Professional Stand and Black Vinyl Cover to come with the Showtime Professional Rotisserie Grill. This undoubtedly lets you roast outside responsibly and suitably. Moreover, since should setup the cover on the grill, an individual could certainly store it outside even in stormy weather, hot or even cold winter days.

Moreover, in house with the stand, you can possibly place the rotisserie oven off to itself in your kitchen area or dining room, conserving counter space that is able to be applied for placing your casserole dishes, salads, fruit bowls, drinks, appetizers, dining arrangement and so forth.

Employing the Showtime Professional Rotisserie Grill, may easily assist you to feed large families, throw holiday or festive dinners, large cookouts or social events. Additionally, a person will be fit to nourish family and friends with nutritious meals of meats and grilled or steamed vegetables and fruits.

Is a large social event happening soon and you happen to be the host of this special occasion? Or, do you just need some normal nutritious and healthy meals for a large size family, but don’t want a lot of hassle nor inconvenience. Then, get the Showtime Professional Rotisserie Grill and feed ALL and have time to make side dishes, set the table, make the Kool-Aid, or whatever else you would like to do while waiting a little while for the meat and/or veggies to cook.

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Getting rich is on the mind of anyone that is struggling to make ends meet, but often it is relegated to a pipe dream. You might be one of the millions of people struggling today, wondering if it is truly possible to get six figures and more with ease, and the short answer might surprise you. The answer is yes, you can get your hands on serious dough but it's not without a little bit of work. Now, before you tune out, this is not another get rich quick scheme, it's a matter of winning the lottery utilizing key methods that have proven to work for those that have removed their skeptical hat and embraced what is real. Truth be told, it is incredibly easy to win the lotto, but only if you know what you're doing. Most people, admittedly, do not know what they are doing at all, which is why they lose on a regular basis. Consider the following methods in your quest to make serious financial moves. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below.

First and foremost, take a break from playing the lotto and get to know what you're playing. No matter what game you play, there are a distinct set of rules and publications that are readily available for you to take advantage of. You might not know it, but the lottery companies publish a lot of different information for the consumer to help them reach the money that is deemed impossible to grasp. The reason they do this is so that they can prove to the world that it is not only possible to win, they help the odds by pushing information to the masses. Take that information and study it, know it back and forth, so that when you play, you're not doing it out of habit or "luck" as it will only bode terrible results.

The second thing that you'll need to start doing is playing when the odds are in your favor. Figuring out when the odds are best is a matter of paying close attention to the media and newspapers in your area. If you hear nothing about the lotto and the jackpot, your odds are increasingly in better shape than if you were to play on days when the media is fully behind the promotion of the lotto system. The statistics are just far better, so keep an eye out.

Lastly, you will have to subscribe to a system to pick your numbers. Whether that system involves a computer program or a study guide, it is ultimately up to you (the player). Subscribing to information and getting a handle on how numbers work will allow you to not only pick the right numbers, it will give you an edge against the average player. Remember, you're looking to win, not just "play", and that means strategy and education.

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Wells as a place in England can be confusing. If you live in East Anglia you will associate the name with a small fishing port on the north Norfolk Coast, much loved by sailors. However when it comes to England’s smallest city, and a fantastic cathedral, because never forget that what defines a city from a town is the presence of a cathedral, and in this instance we are talking about Wells in Somerset in England, some one hundred and twenty miles south west of London.

The Cathedral City of Wells is a medieval gem, which was at its absolute peak during the Middle Ages. It was at that time that the absolutely spellbinding Cathedral Church of St. Andrew was built.

Constructed on the site of an eighth century Saxon cathedral, it gives you an idea centuries later of how affluent the City, or town at that time of Wells was.

How lucky for those of us who visit in the twenty first century, that for centuries after it was prominent, Wells seemed to go to sleep, and this enabled it to preserve its character and heritage unspoiled for those who wish to see it today.

The Cathedral of St. Andrew may be one of Britain’s smallest Cathedrals, nevertheless it towers over the beautiful, and perfectly preserved limestone town of Wells, which lies literally in its shadow.

It will come as no surprise to discover that Wells is England’s smallest city, but is very definitely worth a visit, if only to see the magnificent cathedral with its recently restored west facade, which is heavily ornamented with six tiers of 365 carved life sized figures. These figures make up the most extensive collection of medieval sculpture in England. When you also consider they were completed in the early part of the thirteenth century that is wonder enough in itself. Then when you add to that the fact that they illustrate every biblical story that is imaginable so that the illiterate masses could understand them by just looking.

The twin towers of the facade were not added for another two hundred years, in fact in the fourteenth century, and such was the workmanship it is quite impossible to determine that they were built after a gap of two hundred years..

When you enter the cathedral, what you will find is a quintessentially Gothic interior. You will see a very ingenious engineering solution, to support the central tower. You can only wonder at the criss- crossed scissor arches that still without adjustment support the tower today, some six hundred and seventy years later.

The north transept has England’s oldest clock, the second oldest in the world having been built in 1392, and every hour you must make sure you are there at least once. On the hour there is a fanfare of tilting knights and their armoured steeds. A moment to treasure by anyone’s standards.

If you have some time to spare please visit Wells in Somerset, you will be so glad you visited the Cathedral of St Andrew

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You will find many approaches to country style home decorating, and the flexibility afforded by it is just part of the fun. Interior decoration is sometimes a good reflection of how we feel inside and what we want to convey. Once you get the hang of interior home decorating, and you finish, you will feel warm and at peace inside. Our homes are a place we return to and seek a retreat from the complicated world we live in. Country themes are very po[censored] r for interior design because of the positive feeling that it evokes within most people. Without a doubt, this feeling of happiness and warmth is hard to find in today's busy world.

Although the name has evolved from Early American style to country style, it is still the same type of interior home design. The very distinctive fabrics and upholstery that is used as a signature of early American interior design is still there today. As for the types of fabrics and appearance in country style, today, you will see patterns with stripes and checked designs. Floral styles are often associated with this particular motif and have been for many years. You will definitely have eye-catching furniture because of the bright and vivid colors that are used with all of these layouts and designs. What really makes the flower stand out are the dark earthen tones that provide the background on the fabrics.

The decorating doesn't have to be limited to the inside of the house. Just adding some outside furniture, like a wicker chair, to your porch will change the looks. Furniture comes in many different sizes and shapes, for inside and outside, and what you like will make the house become yours. For most indoor furniture, the old Early American look and use of pine is still present. Pine is the one of the most favorite woods for furniture that is soft, plush and completely comfortable to use.

The colors you can use in this style of decorating is wider than you may realize. There are neutral colors and earth colors that overlap, so there are many colors in common. The feelings of time passing can be aroused by colors that are subdued and muted. Any type of look can be achieved through the use of colors, even the rustic look. Some people like to mix styles and have a more modern form of country, which is fine, because there are no rules with country-style decorations. More modern influences will bring about slightly brighter colors that are not overpowering. Doing your own country style home decorating can be something the whole family can get involved with. Once you do that, then it is really fun for the whole family. Furthermore, you can take your entire family out during the summer time to pay a visit to flea markets in order to find really good deals for your home.

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