Dating can be fraught with worries, no matter whether you are an experienced dater or haven’t dated for years. Serial daters may feel a little jaded if they have been on the dating scene for quite a while and not found someone who ticks all the boxes, while for people who maybe haven’t dated in decades, there is the whole worry of dating etiquette - what to say, what to do etc.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this. Dating should be a fun experience, even if the person you are going on a date with doesn’t turn out to be everything you expected. Armed with the right information, clothes you look good and feel comfortable in and a dash of confidence, you can have great time!

The most important part of going on d ate is where to go and what to do. A candlelit meal for a first date may be a bit intimate whereas a night at the pictures means that you are sitting in the dark with a total stranger – not a good way to get to know someone.

What shared interests do you have? For example, if you are both wine buffs, go to a wine tasting evening or take a trip to a vineyard for the afternoon. Or, if you are not sure what your date enjoys, how about having “high tea” (complete with tea and scones) at a top hotel? Use your imagination!

Dress to suit the venue. So, if you are going to be doing a lot of walking, while high heels may look great you’ll look pretty silly hobbling after 10 minutes. Visit your local department store and ask for their free personal shopper service as they will be able to offer ideas on what will fit the bill. Even if you don’t buy anything, see what clothes you have at home that fit in with the personal shopper’s recommendation.

Finally, confidence. There are two ways to boost your confidence – first of all, do your research on dating etiquette and get on tips on what to say and how to steer the conversation. There are plenty of websites that offer free advice and information and by having this information you will feel comfortable that there won’t be any awkward pauses.

Secondly, remember that your date liked you enough to want to go meet up again with you – enough said!

So you see, dating really can be a fun experience – it’s up to you to make it happen!

Jason Hulott is Director of Dating at UK Dating Online, a UK dating and friendship site with reviews of the major dating services as well as articles, dating tips and resources to help you make the most of your dating experience. is a good website for you to download and update HP Drivers.
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